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Dock & Yard Management

Video: Ardagh Group Takes Their Yard Logistics to the Next Level

What can a contactless yard process look like, where drivers are guided around the premises and through the process from check-in to check-out without having to seek contact with site personnel? This is exactly the question many shippers are facing today, not least in light of the ongoing Corona pandemic. Watch our recorded webinar video to learn how to solve these challenges with smart ideas.

Truck drivers travel to many different depots every day to load or unload their vehicles. To make the process easier, safer and more efficient for everyone involved, a fully digitized and contactless yard logistics process is the ideal solution. All the steps required to move drivers and their deliveries quickly and conveniently through the yard process can already be implemented 100 percent contactless and hardwareless today. What are the advantages of contactless processing? Thanks to the digitized process, there is significantly more transparency at the site regarding resources and capacities on the plant premises.

Contactless and hardwareless yard process thanks to myleo / dsc

Dock & Yard Management by myleo / dsc makes it possible to fully digitalize yard logistics processes from check-in to check-out. This includes truck coordination on the plant premises via status tracking and defined process flows: each truck is accompanied by the system from check-in to check-out, which leads to contact minimization.

The truck drivers are informed where to go next and check in at the self-service terminal using a central application. In this way, they are more closely integrated into the processes - despite possible language barriers. This is ensured by the intuitive user interface at the terminal, which guides the drivers through the depot in their native language.

Besides self-check terminals, it is also possible to rely on smart web applications (progressive web apps), which can be accessed simply by scanning a QR code on any standard smartphone or tablet. You can find out in detail what such a process might look like in our webinar on demand.

Among other things, the video also addresses the potential for increasing process automation as well as increased transparency. In addition, we talk about the potential for time savings in on-site processing.

But there are also hurdles to implementing such a process. As a guest, Ardagh Group presents which pitfalls you should definitely be aware of during implementation using a real use case in our webinar.

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