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myleo / connect

You need extensive data from different systems to optimize logistical processes. Our Connectivity Service integrates these data sources and formats and thus creates the corresponding database.​

Immediate Integration​
Connect legacy systems, transport management or warehouse management systems without middleware and minimize efforts.​

Link to SAP systems​
For example, you can integrate your freight orders from SAP TM, trigger warehouse tasks in SAP EWM and receive orders from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA.​

IoT & Telematic​
Use our integration module to connect external telematics, sensors or other IoT devices.​

White Paper ​

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions optimizes utilization of resources and gates with myleo / dsc

Logistics and supply chain management are constantly evolving. We are work non stop on new modules and improving existing functions of our 360° logistics platform.

In our myleo / dsc News you can gain insight into the ever-growing range of functions, in addition to use cases and best practices.

Are you seeking a solution for a specific process and haven’t found it yet? Please contact us! We are your digitization partner for 360° logistics processes and supply chain management! Learn more

myleo / empties

Operational logistics without loading equipment? Impossible! Manage empty equipment and returnables (such as pallets, skeleton containers) with myleo / dsc so that they are always available at the right place at the right time.​

Keep container accounts​
Manage empties and rented equipment in accounts. Rely on the automatic reconciliation of credit balances or container debts of customers and service providers.​

Orders linked to your TMS ​

Transfer quantities and orders from your transport management system to myleo / dsc.​

​Digitize pallet receipts​
Digitize the management of pallet receipts! Book inbound and outbound via mobile devices. Of course you can also print out pallet receipts.​

myleo / dispute

In the credit note procedure, the customer invoices the goods and services provided. If discrepancies arise here, you can clarify them with the help of our dispute management.​

Transfer shipping orders and the associated billing information to myleo / dsc.​

Allow service providers to check shipping costs and, if necessary, complain about deviations.​


We will be happy to support you in your logistic and digitization projects.​