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Customer Success Management - The Team For Sustainable And Successful Customer Relationships

The changing role of the customer

To say that we have reinvented customer care in recent months is surely an exaggeration. Nevertheless, it remains true to say that the topic of customer satisfaction and support is one that continually moves us and is of great importance to us at all times. After all, if you want to maintain customer relationships over the long term, you must never rest on your laurels. After all, the real work begins when the contract is signed: We must always be there for our customers to ensure that they derive maximum benefit from our solutions.

From customer support to customer success management

That's why we have created the new Customer Success Management (CSM) team for all our myleo / dsc customers. In this way, we want to ensure that you are successful, i.e. that you achieve the desired results when using our myleo / dsc logistics platform. The philosophy behind this is that our offering should not only make you content, but demonstrably more successful.

Customer Success Management actively supports you, for example, in making the best possible use of myleo / dsc, providing assistance to your users in the event of questions, and jointly identifying further potential in order to achieve the goals you have set. This happens when our colleagues from Customer Success Management are part of the project team and thus not only get to know your processes from the beginning, but also understand them. This is the basis for providing you with further operational and strategic support at eye level. Your goals thus automatically become our goals.

The role of the "customer advocate" on our side was born. Why "advocate"? Because our Customer Success Managers are tasked with being your mouthpiece in the areas of support, standard development, consulting, but also strategic management. With our growing involvement in the cloud, this role is now becoming more and more important, and the CSM team is growing and growing.

At regular intervals, we unlock new customers in our logistics platform myleo / dsc. The product is still young and we take feedback from our live customers very seriously. The task now is to train our customers' users, but above all their service providers, suppliers and recipients of goods. To increase acceptance, it is important to make the added value of collaborative supply chain management clear to those involved in the process.


CSM as an interface between customer, supplier and carrier

But what does the CSM team actually do in the "daily doing"? The task of our team is to support you as our customers with passion and to accompany you successfully. In doing so, our colleagues take on several roles at once - for example, relationship manager: Because our goal is to build and expand long-term customer relationships, to proactively improve your processes and to incorporate your ideas into our developments.

Another role is the information manager: What new features and functions are there in myleo / dsc that could help you? What are the latest trends in the world of logistics - and which of them are relevant for your business? For this, we are happy to exchange ideas with you on a regular basis.

Finally, an important role is that of strategy development. Our path to the goal: asking the right questions at the right time - and taking your answers seriously. Where are gaps in the coverage of logistics processes that we can still close for you? Where are processes not yet optimally set up and where do frictional losses still occur? Where are there problems in our standard development that have an impact on performance? This is how we manage to get to know your strategies, develop them together and accompany you at eye level at all times in achieving your goals.

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