Slot ManagementAppointment Scheduling and Planning

myleo / dsc enables you to manage loading and unloading capacities in a much easier and more efficient way. You can use the booking calendar to display different types of time slot types and capacities.

Booking Calendar
Use the booking calendar to keep track of reservations and time slots at any time. Plan via drag & drop. With and without references from your legacy system (e.g. SAP).

Dynamic time slot calculation
The goods to be dispatched determine the cycle. Define your own rules!

Electronic forms
Share transport orders, delivery documents and other forms of documentation with partners easily and in compliance with data protection regulations.

Communication & Networking
Communicate in real time with process participants such as drivers, carriers and customers.

Improve your loading and unloading performance and save costs!

Reduce downtimes

By offering the right time slot, you have a direct influence on the maximum number of vehicles that can be handled. You can drastically reduce downtimes and waiting times through notified arrival times and a disposition of the loading capacities. This also reduces the risk of possible demurrage charges.

Reduce throughput times

Through a precisely timed dispatch of vehicles, throughput times are sustainably reduced and SLAs are met. They exercise an effective influence on the maximum number of vehicles on the plant premises and meet plant security requirements. 

Avoid workload peaks

You avoid resource bottlenecks and associated costs by a more even utilization of loading resources. Manage loading equipment and goods-in or picking areas with the time slot offer in addition to gates and ramps.

Slot ManagementCapacity management

Do you wish to manage more than just your schedule? myleo / dsc maps your gate and staging areas, loading teams and yard resources and optimizes their utilization. If desired, also based on real-time data (ETA /ATA).

Transport & order data
You can transfer all order data from your previous systems on demand.

User-defined data elements
Add your own data elements in a flexible fashion and configure the system according to your needs.

Real-time data
Combine the planned slots with real-time data from the myleo / dsc intake control.

Slot ManagementEvaluation and KPIs

myleo / dsc offers more than just an online calendar - simply integrate appointment scheduling and planning into your business processes!

Order notification: To what extent does a partner adhere to the agreed deadlines?

Punctuality: How much does the expected and actual arrival time differ?

Capacity utilization: How much are my resources utilized?

Volatility: How much do ramp workloads vary over time?

Throughput: How many trucks are dispatched per day?

Slot ManagementBasic Functions


Recurring appointment​​

Order reference​​

Freestyle bookings​​

Intuitive planning calendar​​

Dynamic capacity calculation​​

Capacity management​​

ETA / ATA matching​​

Alert function​​

Reporting & KPIs​


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