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myleo / dscWelcome To The Future Of Supply Chain Management

myleo / dsc is a unique platform for site and transport logistics. Using real-time data, the cloud software simplifies plant, supply and transport management in a single user-centric Process-as-a-Service solution. It connects producers, suppliers, warehouses, freight forwarders, and stores, creating a holistic supply chain network.​

Our Customers​Numerous Logistics Professionals Already Trust Us​

  • The Digital Transformation For Your Transport And Site Logistics​

    myleo / dsc is a flexibly customizable, holistic and integrated end-2-end supply chain solution based on real-time data for all types of industries and companies.​

    Total transparency over plant and supply chain processes

    All stakeholders receive information relevant to them via a single platform.​

    Low implementation/ operating costs​

    myleo / dsc runs in the cloud - a costly rollout is therefore not necessary.​

    Standardized and stable end-2-end processes​

    myleo / dsc processes your deliveries holistically from loading to POD.​

    Reduce downtime by up to 50%​

    More fluid truck dispatch saves you expensive demurrage and increases efficiency on your site.​

    Increase loading point utilization​

    Better coordination with your partners and automation saves valuable time at the loading points.​

    Seamless integration of supply chain partners​

    myleo / dsc seamlessly connects you with all your supply chain partners and carriers.​

  • Get Your Fleet Up To Speed Digitally​

    myleo / dsc is a flexibly customizable, holistic and integrated end-2-end supply chain solution based on real-time data for all types of industries and companies.​

    Better planning​

    You book your time slots with the shipper yourself and have to make fewer phone calls. Because your customer sees live where their delivery is.​


    You have all your deliveries in sight and more control over your fleet.​

    Higher utilization rate​

    By better coordinating with your customers, you reduce fleet downtime and improve resource utilization.​

    More satisfaction

    The entire transportation process runs more smoothly - from time slot booking to unloading. That means less stress for your customers, dispatchers and drivers.​

    Competitive advantage

    By sharing an overview of your transports with your customer, you are firmly integrated into their processes and improve your customer loyalty.​


    You’ll be perceived as a reliable and innovative partner - also by other potential clients.​

Your Benefits​One Platform To Connect Them All​

  • We create the most efficient (and sustainable) yard, transportation management and collaboration platform across all industries and modes of transportation for you.​
  • Provide greater visibility to all supply chain stakeholders by integrating shipment tracking, time slot booking and yard management.​
  • Make better business decisions based on real-time data​
  • Connect upstream systems, transportation management or warehouse management systems, external telematics, sensors or IoT devices without middleware.

  • Automatic updates and continuous further development​​
  • State-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT)​​
  • Immediate availability​​
  • Plannable costs and clear pricing models​​
  • Device independence - ready to use without installation, infrastructure or lengthy rollouts​​
  • Easily scalable without a complex rollout​

WE REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN​Are you ready to turbocharge your digital logistics?​

SUCCESS STORIES​Your Success Is Our Goal​

Discover what others have already achieved with the intuitive, collaborative and data-driven myleo / dsc - you can too!

  • "The ingenious integration of time window management and warehouse management based on geofences in particular brings very important advantages for us."

    Michael Jansen
    Head of SAP Standard Application, Nordzucker AG

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  • "We immediately found ourselves in the approach of leogistics and in the solution portfolio of myleo / dsc. Short implementation times, fast results. That's what makes a good software today."

    Fabian Generotzky
    Factory Manager, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions

  • "When it comes to fresh produce, adherence to delivery dates and well-interlocked processes are essential. Delays are also critical for our customers. We are pleased to have found a tool in myleo / slot that simplifies the planning of time slots and makes any deviations transparent for all parties involved."

    Klaus Rücker
    CEO, Rücker GmbH

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  • "We were able to complete the project in record time, everything went better than average - this is not a matter of course in IT projects and was mainly due to the very good project management by leogistics and the great support from the home24 team."

    Jens Kraska
    Strategic Technical Officer, home24

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WE REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN​Are you ready to turbocharge your digital logistics?​