Carrier CollaborationPerfect Teamwork of Shippers and Logistics Service Providers

Carrier CollaborationTransparency and Better Communication in the Supply Chain

In addition to goods, information also flows in a supply chain. Having the right information in the right place at the right time is essential to ensure smooth logistics processes. Work directly with your service providers on the basis of your order information and avoid media breaks.

Transport order
Integrated time slot management

Central communication platform along the process

Dispute management for freight costs

Carrier CollaborationWe Help Your Collaboration Get off the Ground

The cooperation between shippers and service providers involves extensive communication regarding the planning, commissioning and handling of transports. Often, this is still based on telephone, e-mail or fax. The myleo / dsc facilitates the exchange between shippers and forwarders by means of a ticketing system, notifications and updated information on a central platform.

  • Integration with preceding and following systems
  • Transport order
  • Integrated time slot management
  • Collaboration via tickets on a digital platform
  • Create tickets directly on the transport document
  • Transparent and target-oriented dispute management

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Carrier CollaborationSeamless Integration Between Your ERP and myleo / dsc

Process freight orders from your ERP or TMS (e.g. SAP TM, Oracle TM) transparently and consistently with all parties involved in myleo / dsc! Via standard interfaces you can provide your documents from the pre-system with all information for tracking, cooperation with logistics service providers and freight cost processing. myleo / dsc supports the data flow in both directions.

  • Flexible integration options
  • Quick integration of process participants
  • Easy integration of external data sources
  • Information exchange with pre-systems (ERP, TMS, etc.)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Feedback of status messages into the shipment document

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Carrier CollaborationMake Tendering and Transport Allocation Easy!

The transportation allocation process is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process. myleo / dsc acts as a platform to manage transport allocation and can automate the process and centralize communication with freight forwarders. The connection of logistics service providers via interface is handled by the myleo / dsc team.

  • Electronic data exchange with logistics service providers
  • Web-based transport order
  • Electronic transport order (FTP/EDI/API)
  • Spot tenders

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Carrier CollaborationEasiest Handling of Dispute Cases for Freight Charges

At the end of the day, it’s always about money. If deviations from the agreed freight costs arise due to a transport, the freight cost management of myleo / dsc offers the option of creating a dispute case. Since all processes are fully documented, this can be easily resolved with all parties involved.

Creation and solution of clarification cases straight to the transport

Clear freight cost display

Consideration of information from the operative transport

Release process of changes to freight costs

Transmission of accepted freight costs to pre-system

Carrier CollaborationSuccessful Companies Rely on Carrier Collaboration with myleo / dsc

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