Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsAutomatic, Connected, Smart!

Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsMore Efficient Site Logistics Processes Thanks to Hardware Integration

The integration of logistics hardware peripherals is extremely helpful in optimizing logistics processes on the site. It allows automation in the processes (e.g. license plate recognition), provides information (e.g. weighing results) and implements specified activities (e.g. barrier opening for truck entry). Based on the latest technologies, we provide tailored support to automate your yard logistics processes in an efficient and cost-effective way.

High degree of automation
Contactless and paperless yard processing
Hardware and software from a single source
Save time and costs

Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsIndividual Logistics Hardware Solutions for Your Yard

With self-service, gate management guides truck drivers through the registration process in a structured manner. Whether fully automatic with integrated camera recognition, semi-automatic via a QR code or manual in the respective national language. Even unscheduled transport arrivals can be quickly registered. In addition, security instruction as well as terminals, cameras, barriers and scales can be integrated.

for automatic truck dispatch with integrated printers and scanners

Smart Cameras
for license plate, container number or object recognition

Cameras or Occupancy Sensors
for monitoring the occupancy of parking spaces or loading docks in real time

Automatic Barriers and Gates
open and close based on authorization upon successful check-in/out

Automatic Weighing Process
Empty and full weighing, tare determination with integration into the yard management system

Call-off Solutions
via large outdoor displays, indoor monitors or handheld devices

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Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsSelf-service Terminals for Contactless Check-in and Check-out

Terminals are easy to operate without training thanks to the user-guided screen and input sequence. The focus is on entering all information relevant to registration. This shifts the registration process from human resources to self check-in or check-out. This in turn reduces effort, paperwork, processing times and costs, and creates a high level of transparency and process reliability.

Reduce registration time by up to 70%.

Save resources

Fully integrated into Dock & Yard Management, Plug & Play

Simple user guidance in many languages

Increased process reliability

Print freight documents

Integrated safety instruction

Integration with transport document

There is always a particularly high acceptance of self-service terminals when they interact perfectly with our customers’ existing IT systems. That’s why we have the application running on our devices fully integrated with the yard management software behind it.

Christian Piehler
Chief Sales Officer

Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsSmart Camera Solutions for Automated Site Logistics Processes

Cameras can be used, for example, for license plate recognition of trucks as part of the entry process on a factory site. myleo / dsc recognizes the license plate via the camera attached to a barrier and with the help of an AI and checks whether the truck is allowed to enter or not. Furthermore, cameras can be used for many other visual applications, such as monitoring parking space occupancy, recognizing container numbers, and many more.

Truck license plate recognition

Motion detection

Intelligent video analysis features


POE-capable (Power over Ethernet)

Powerful cameras from our hardware partner AXIS

Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsLarge-screen Displays for Automated Site Logistics Processes

Large-screen displays support the visualization of information, e.g. for truck drivers waiting in the parking lot to load or unload the vehicle. The LED displays are connected to the system and show the corresponding license plate number as soon as the correct loading dock is free. A call-off can be triggered manually in the yard receipt or automated by the system. This significantly reduces the amount of personnel required
  • Automatic loading point retrieval
  • Easily legible from long distances
  • Different sizes
  • Information display configurable

Logistics Hardware and Internet of ThingsDigital Yard Process Thanks to Web App

In addition to self-service terminals, the check-in or the entire yard process can also be handled with a web application on the driver’s smartphone or tablet. The Progressive Web App can be accessed simply by scanning a QR code at the gate, for example. The myleo / dsc offers a practical no/low code editor that allows you to easily map your processes.
  • Guidance for drivers from check-in to check-out
  • Eliminates language barriers
  • Guides drivers through yard process
  • Incl. safety instructions, weighing, load securing, etc.
  • Increases process reliability
  • Inputs are stored in the yard receipt (incl. signatures)

Learn more about the No/Low-Code Editor and Progressive Web Apps in the myleo / dsc here.

WE REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN​Are you ready to turbocharge your digital logistics?​

Logistics Hardware and Internet of Things We Connect Any Hardware For You!

Our development teams create hardware and IoT solutions that increase the transparency of your processes in all areas along the supply chain. We have many years of expertise in mapping yard processes and will be happy to advise you on construction planning, process reliability and the degree of automation. Of course, it is also possible to connect existing terminals or other components to the system via interface or to retrofit them if necessary.

  • IoT consulting
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Maintenance and service

Gain Data with Logistics Hardware

We support you in obtaining and evaluating valuable data about your yard logistics processes with the help of hardware components. This can be used to automate various processes and control actuators such as monitors, entry and exit barriers, gates, and more, streamlining processes and reducing human-caused errors.

  • Collect data with the help of sensors, etc.
  • Evaluate information
  • Optimize processes

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