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Slot Management

In our integrated appointment scheduling, you plan time slots for deliveries/pick-ups with your suppliers/carriers.

Loading Point Call-off

Automate the call-off to the loading bay using large-screen displays. via web app or SMS to mobile device.

Loading / Unloading

Increase your loading point utilization through active control of resources and automatic free and occupied messages.

Check-in / Check-out

Arriving trucks can simply check in or check out themselves at our self-check terminal or via web app.

Yard Cockpit

In the Yard Cockpit or yard list, you can keep track of all trucks, resources and free capacities on the site.

You‘re My Soul

Our logistics platform helps you to streamline and optimize your processes and handle incoming and outgoing transports contactlessly via self-check-in and check-out. Get an overview of all processes, resources and capacities in your yard or factory premises in the Yard Cockpit. This avoids waiting times at loading points and creates transparent and synchronized traffic and material flows.

  • Self check-in, registration and exit
  • Integrated appointment scheduling
  • Integration with hardware and existing IT
  • Loading point planning & resource management



Use real-time data to optimize logistical processes. Many of our customers have been able to reduce downtimes by up to 50%. This creates a high level of satisfaction for everyone involved.


Reduce your implementation and operating costs by 25% compared to the competition through standardized processes, simple and intuitive implementation tools and a transparent cost structure.

Loading Point Utilization

How long does loading and unloading really take? Learn from your data and increase the utilization of your loading points by up to 25%!

YARD MANAGEMENT Your Challenges in Yard Logistics

Don’t waste any time and find out how you can solve your challenges with myleo / dsc.

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  • Language barriers with truck drivers
  • Traffic jams in front of and in the yard
  • Peak times for the staff
  • Scheduling chaos regarding loading and unloading
  • No transparency and planning possible
  • Long waiting times at the loading points

Yard Management5 Steps to Smart Yard Logistics

Logistical processes in front of and on the factory premises have an enormous influence on the flow of goods. Nevertheless, they are all too often neglected. Find out here how to make your yard as efficient as a Swiss watch.

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Yard ManagementIncrease Efficiency and Process Reliability through Greater Transparency

  • Shorten Throughput Times
    Analyze throughput times in the yard and make optimum use of loading points and slots. ​

  • Save Resources
    Recognize problems with the parking situation before rush hour and adjust your loading time slots accordingly. ​

  • Automate Processes
    Rely on the detection of license plates, container numbers as well as ADR plates and automate entries and exits. ​

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YARD MANAGEMENTManage all Your Yard Processes in One Solution

Check-In and Check-Out

Gate management uses barriers and gatekeepers to control incoming and outgoing transports, flows of goods, and access of persons.


With the help of digital notifications and associated time slots, you increase the transparency of orders and deliveries.

Appointment Scheduling

By integrating with a time slot management system, you enable precise control by reserving scarce resources.

Loading Point Call-off

Have waiting trucks called to the loading point automatically via SMS, app or large display.

Door and Dock Control

Increase your loading bay utilization by actively managing resources and automating free and occupied notifications.

Communication with drivers

Integrate truck drivers into your processes, e.g. via progressive web app in many languages. This increases satisfaction on all sides.

Control Center with Yard Visualization

With real-time tracking and visualization, you enable a control center to detect deviations even from a distance and intervene to correct ongoing processes.

Yard List

The yard list provides a practical overview of all trucks on the factory premises, including the current process status.

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SOFTWARE AND HARDWARE FROM A SINGLE SOURCEIncrease the Level of Automation in Your Yard with IoT & Hardware

We support you in your digitalization projects and fully map your logistics processes independently of existing IT infrastructures. Benefit from the continuous integration of new technologies and accelerate your logistics processes like never before!



Enable contactless registration at the myleo / dsc terminals. We offer a variety of terminal types as white label.

Gate-In and -Out

Control your barriers and gates via the check-in process.

Automated Call-off

Recognize when a loading point or gate is available. Quite simply, via sensors.


Automatically access measurement data (temperature, humidity, empty weight, etc.) from smart sensors and integrate them into your processes.

Real-time Visibility

Locate equipment and vehicles and read their location on a map.

License Plate Recognition

Rely on the recognition of license plates, container numbers and ADR plates and automate entrances and exits.

Yard ManagementAdios, Scheduling Chaos!

Our appointment scheduling optimizes your yard logistics

Does congestion occur in front of or on your factory premises at peak times? Manage loading points, gates or filling systems in real time and control the flow of vehicles to your yard. Assign time slots dynamically based on priorities, rules and expected arrival times.

  • Optimized Inbound Control
  • Efficient loading and unloading planning
  • Dynamic gate and staging zone planning
  • Automated communication with logistics partners
  • Simple throughput time calculation
  • Consistent document exchange between process partners


myleo / dsc Connects You with All Your Supply Chain Partners

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Integrate Your Yard Management with Upstream and Downstream Systems

Manage a high-performance yard that is firmly integrated into your supply chain as a control center. With the help of our interface expertise, map your yard logistics fully integrated in your existing IT infrastructure and create more process reliability through integration with warehouse, transport and production processes and the corresponding systems.

  • Integration with upstream systems, e.g. SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management or Oracle Transportation Management
  • Integration with downstream processes, external telematics or IoT
  • Consistent digital receipts (e.g. yard receipt) ensure a single source of truth and facilitate communication

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