Supplier ManagementMaximum Transparency in Inbound Management

SUPPLIER MANAGEMENTDigitalizing Your Inbound Management: Intuitive, Transparent, Fully Integrated


Whether all processes run smoothly within the site gates already depends on the inbound. With myleo / dsc, you seamlessly involve your suppliers in your inbound management with the help of digital notification. Create transparency and efficiency in delivery management by letting partners view order data and form deliveries.

Slot bookings based on the notification
Feed control with real-time data
Easiest communication with suppliers

Digital Inbound Management for Optimized Sourcing Processes

Supply processes involve a high degree of division of labor. Only if you have all the relevant information from your suppliers can you properly schedule inbound transports, perfectly plan unloading processes, and avoid productivity constraints.

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SUPPLIER MANAGEMENTIntelligent Feed Control with myleo / dsc

Supply chain monitoring
Monitor all steps of your supply chain

Real-time data
All information on expected and actual arrival (ETA / ATA) through telematics and alerts.

Transport and order data
Transfer order data from your other systems to myleo / dsc.

Consistent processes
From delivery to yard handling

Intuitive UI
Streamlined user interface leads to time savings for your employees.

Overview and inbound map
Keep everything in sight with inbound map and KPI dashboards.

Excel downloads
Overviews of orders and deliveries can be conveniently exported.

Save costs
Minimize communication efforts with suppliers using our platform.

Supplier MANAGEMENTRecurring Challenges in Inbound

In many cases, suppliers still do not notify deliveries in a standardized manner. Telephone, fax or e-mail are the most common communication channels - if at all. As a result, the urgently needed transparency is lacking as to which items of an order arrive at your company in which quantities and when, and which of your suppliers’ forwarding agents are responsible for which transports.

This leads to:

  • Non-plannability of the unloading processes. ​
  • Loading docks or zones are not optimally utilized. Frequent load peaks for the unloading personnel vs. idle time.
  • Binding of storage capacity due to excessive safety stocks. ​
  • Additional costs by unnecessary extra transports to avoid production downtimes. ​
  • High coordination effort due to lack of transparency and standardization. ​

Supplier MANAGEMENTTransparent Inbound Management Thanks to Digital Notification

With myleo / dsc you can plan your notifications, transport orders and time slot bookings online in just a few steps. Get rid of lists and tables - towards 100% transparency from order to delivery!

Your external service providers announce their deliveries with a notification in myleo / dsc and book a time slot at the same time.

Service providers have the option of a partial notification and can combine several orders into one delivery. This is followed by the booking of dynamically calculated time slots.

  • Delivery creation of purchase orders
  • Full and partial notification
  • Post notification possible
  • Dynamically calculated time slot lengths

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Supplier MANAGEMENTOptimum Cooperation with Your Partners - On One Central Platform!

Cooperate pragmatically with your partners. Minimize time spent on e-mails and phone calls. Make inbound processes more transparent and straightforward.