TrackingSupply Control

Companies handle their shipping processes far more easily and efficiently with myleo / dsc. Real-time data and an inflow map provide advance insight of what is happening. Because only those who ship on time can deliver on time.

Inbound Map
Maintain an up-to-date overview of all transports using the inbound map.

Warehouse and Yard Management
Trigger processes in the yard or warehouse automatically through pre-registration, real-time data and alerts.

Slot Management
Streamline your ramp utilization with myleo / dsc based on real-time data and the time slots
booked in myleo / dsc.

Communication & Networking
Interact in real time with all process participants such as drivers, carriers and customers, etc.

Set new standards and stay future-proof!


Real-time data help us to optimize logistical processes. Many of our customers have been able to reduce downtimes by up to 50%. This creates satisfaction for all process participants. Especially truck drivers, forwarders and the logistics department.



Using myleo /dsc you can reduce your implementation and operating costs by 25% in comparison to the competition. We are able to achieve this through standardized processes, simple and intuitive implementation tools and a transparent cost structure.



Optimize your master data by using AI and ML. Learn from your data and determine from past experience how long loading and unloading really takes. Increase the utilization of your loading points by up to 25%. 


TrackingSupply Control

Not only will myleo / dsc allow you to keep an eye on your transports and incoming trucks, but it also provides a direct link to all deliveries, packages and the entire transport network.

Transport & order data 
Transfer order data from your legacy systems

Real-time data
myleo / dsc determines in real time the ETA and ATA of goods at your location

Supply Chain Monitoring
Proactive information on all process steps of your supply chain? Easy - with myleo / dsc and the Alert & Event Contro

TrackingInbound Apps

Not only communicate with the telematics, but also with the driver. myleo / dsc offers two solutions to help you. As App or as a simple Web App.

TrackingBasic Functions

Order transmission to the driver

Permanent ETA / ATA calculation

Loading / Unloading Scan

Check-in / check-out / registration

Call off drivers within the yard to the loading point

Cargo securing / photo documentation

Checks / checklists




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