Integration of myleo / dsc with SAP TM

As a new feature, myleo / dsc offers integration with SAP Transportation Management out of the box

In SAP TM, Freight Orders and Freight Bookings are used to map transportation orders for road, ocean and air transports, to plan these and to settle the freight costs. However, the execution of transportation processes is less of a focus in SAP TM. You can now close this gap with myleo / dsc!

Via a standard interface (SAP TM Standard Enterprise Service) you can provide Freight Orders with all relevant information on the cloud platform for tracking purposes, collaboration with your logistics service providers as well as for freight cost processing. In doing so, we support the data flow in both directions. After the initial transmission to myleo / dsc, Freight Orders can be updated automatically. Vice versa, we report event messages for the respective tour to SAP TM and make them available for you in the freight order.

Schematic representation of the SAP - myleo / dsc integratio

Full flexibility

You define the time of the initial transmission yourself, as well as which changes should be sent via the interface. You have individual ideas how the transport ID in myleo / tnt should be composed?

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