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Supplier Management

myleo / supply for optimized procurement processes through open collaboration

Robert Ibisch

With the new myleo / supply module as part of myleo / dsc, you can now manage your notifications, transport orders and time slot bookings easily and intuitively in one place!

Thanks to the flexible link with your ERP system, you can give your business partners insight into orders on the new delivery platform in just a few steps. For this purpose, they receive dedicated access to myleo / supply. Using various authorizations, you control which data you want to make available to your partners and which functions they are allowed to perform. In this way, you create transparency and an efficient flow of information for your supply management and, at the same time, hold the reins in your hands with the help of graphical KPI dashboards with status overviews!

Based on the order data, your suppliers and carriers can now create and bundle deliveries, notify delivery quantities and book time slots for delivery directly in myleo / dsc. In addition, it is possible to transfer the latter directly from SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and view them in myleo / supply. All deliveries are thus ready for myleo / dsc follow-up processes.

myleo / supply can be fully integrated with other myleo / dsc components. This includes myleo / slot, myleo / tnt and myleo / yard. All integrations are of course also carried out in full interaction.

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