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Partnership with VEROO

Partnership with VEROO: over 200 telematics systems for area-wide real-time truck tracking in Europe integrated into myleo / dsc

For even better tracking & tracing for trucks via myleo / tnt, leogistics has entered into a new partnership with VEROO. As a result, you can now use the GPS data of more than 200 telematics providers on demand and thus precisely plan the arrival times of your transports and track them in real time!

VEROO is a provider of high-performance cloud services for Predictive Transport Visibility. The GPS aggregation module developed by the Austrian company consolidates positioning signals from more than 200 different sources, which are then fed into myleo / dsc via interface.

Continuous expansion of the partner network

Through an effective digital "onboarding process", new carriers are continuously connected. With the help of this real-time database, the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) is continuously determined.

With the help of VEROO data, among other things, myleo / tnt calculates whether the scheduled arrival date of a truck can still be met. Downtimes within the plant premises can thus be minimized and utilization optimized with the time slot management tool myleo / slot at loading and unloading points. This way, you always keep control of your incoming and outgoing transports incl. demurrage charges as well as delays and can intervene in time if necessary.

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