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Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Anyone can do it the easy way: tracking of combined transports with myleo / tnt

Robert Ibisch

Tracking outbound shipments with real-time data offers valuable advantages that make your supply chain more transparent and simplify communication along it. There are internal departments, such as transportation planning, which want to be informed about the status of planned deliveries. But also a customer service department, which above all should react quickly and competently to delays and delivery problems. And an end customer also needs up-to-date information about the delivery to make his inbound processes efficient. Transparency and communication play a key role in logistics, which is more important in today┬┤s world than ever before.

How can this be done?

All this requires real-time information that is available to the relevant stakeholders. One possibility here, for example, is to read out the telematics unit of the truck, which among other things transmits current position data to the myleo / tnt. The tracking and calculation of an estimated arrival time of an FTL transport, for example, appears simple here. The truck loads and delivers directly to the end customer, without detours. But the reality often looks different. On the route of the truck of an external forwarder there may be further waypoints representing further loading and unloading locations as well as transshipment terminals. So, what if an information gap makes it difficult to calculate an ETA? How can transparency be guaranteed even with hub transports, for example to keep customer service capable of acting and providing information?

We have found a way to map even these complex processes and provide the relevant information in myleo / tnt. As a result, we have reached a new milestone, which enables us to calculate arrival times correctly even for hub transports or other waypoints and to make the data available on your myleo platform in a format that suits you best.

What about data privacy?

Data protection is also an important issue for us! With our approach, we respect the data protection guidelines of the forwarding agents and carriers but can still represent a transshipment point in the supply chain on your myleo / dsc platform and keep the delivery status and ETA up to date.

Would you like to increase transparency in your supply chain and be able to track shipments based on real-time data? Feel free to contact us!

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