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Dock & Yard Management

How to make entrances and exits on a site contactless

Robert Ibisch

In times shaped by Covid-19, transport logistics and its players face special challenges in order to avoid supply bottlenecks despite affected supply chains and border closures. In this context, truck drivers are on the road every day on different factory premises of different companies for loading and unloading. With solution components from myleo / dsc, these heroes of the crisis can also be protected by completely digitalized and contactless processes on the plant premises. At the same time, truck handling on the factory premises is also made easier, safer and more efficient for the shipper.

Non-contact check-in at the factory gate and receiving instructions

To make the entrance to the factory premises contactless, the driver can register independently at the self-check-in terminal. The terminal is user-friendly and can be operated in the driverĀ“s own language. In addition, the use of our web app can also be an easy way to keep the driver contactlessly informed about the further process. For instance, instructions and parking space allocations can be communicated by push message and changes and warnings regarding loading can be communicated.

The web app can be accessed by the driver via barcode scan, for example, and does not require prior registration. By entering or scanning the delivery reference, order details can be easily viewed, corrected if necessary and confirmed.

But how can the contact with employees on the factory premises be averted if the driver does not know his way around the premises and cannot follow the instructions for parking and loading positions?

Digital factory navigation and use of real-time data

With the help of the web app, the driver can be navigated to the respective parking lot or loading gate. This makes it easier for the driver to find the right way and unnecessary delays can be avoided.

Reduce the number of waiting service providers in front of or on the factory premises

Do you have access to real-time data of the vehicles, or can you integrate them via myleo / tnt? Then it is possible to integrate this information with the time slot management myleo / slot in order to avoid standing, waiting and throughput times through the efficient use of resources and thus reduce the traffic volume.

Non-contact check-out at the factory gate

After successful loading, the driver can be navigated to the check-out at the factory exit using the web app. Here, the driver can check out at the terminal independently and without contact and take the corresponding delivery documents with him in printed form.

Would you like to increase transparency in your supply chain, use time slot management or track transports on the basis of real-time data? Please contact us!

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