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Creating added value for customers as a logistics service provider

Robert Ibisch

A logistics service provider from Westphalia has been using the myleo / dsc productively since the end of last year. The logistics service provider was looking for a tool to manage time slots for incoming and outgoing goods. They found what they were looking for in our logistics platform portfolio. In addition to the use of our time slot solution myleo /slot, it was particularly interesting to manage capacities behind the ramp and to use them as efficiently as possible.

Simplified yard processes

The problem was outlined in the short preliminary project study: The time slots for loading and unloading the means of transport are to be made available in such a way that the workload and required resource input can be smoothed over the opening hours. At critical times, it is not the gates themselves that are the bottleneck in the overall process picture, but the staging areas and goods receiving areas. In many cases the gates are free, but due to the clearing time behind the gates, they are still not available for further loading and unloading. With the introduction of myleo / dsc it is now possible to match the use of resources to the expected workload and to harmonize the workload with the occupancy of space and gates.

User-friendly, self-explanatory processes

In addition to the process optimization of incoming and outgoing goods, the easy-to-understand user interfaces and the simple creation of master data were of enormous interest. Our customer wanted to be able to add external process participants quickly and easily. Using an invitation function, untrained third parties can be asked to book appointments. The logistics service provider can also fine-tune user privileges, such as blocking and releasing areas, or make reservations in the form of regular time slots for specific customers.

A file upload is available for the exchange of process-relevant information and a maintenance view allows administrators to place freely configurable extension fields in the slot and, for example, declare them as mandatory fields.

Extremely short implementation time

The project was characterized in particular by the extremely short implementation time. In the course of an agile workshop, processes were defined, requirements defined and necessary adjustments made. After the deadline, our customer already had a functioning system available.

Thank you for your trust!

Our customer reported positive feedback and initial successes with regard to the improved resource management of gates and areas after the first weeks of use. We were very pleased about this! We are happy to accompany our customer in the next steps to completely digitalize the logistic processing with their customers!

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