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Everything in a single place - document filing right on the booked time slot

Robert Ibisch

Digital appointment scheduling already optimizes your logistics processes enormously - by integrating all participants (for instance, forwarding agents and executing transport service provider).

It only makes sense that it is therefore now also possible to upload documents relevant to the execution of the transport directly to the time slot booking. Pick-up vouchers, permits and cleaning certificates are just a few examples.

Of course, it is also possible to upload or download the documents after the time window booking has been completed. In this way you can not only collect information from the forwarding agent/transport service provider, but also provide them with information.

How is this function implemented in myleo / slot?

The first step is the booking of an appointmwnt, which is carried out by the carrier or service provider with or without the selection of a preliminary document (but always with a reference number).

Directly during this process or at any later time, files can be uploaded and downloaded by all process participants.

Of course, this information is also available in list form - so you can see at a glance at which time slots no documents have yet been uploaded and inform your business partners of this fact.

You wish to optimize the processes in your supply chain even before the actual transport is carried out and involve your business partners in the "paperwork" early in the process? Talk to us!

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