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Real-Time Transportation Visibility

Calculating time slots individually

Robert Ibisch

We push the generics to the limit in the definition of appointment controls!

Your challenge

By notifying carriers of their delivery and booking a time slot for loading or unloading, this can already increase capacity utilization and efficiency in truck handling. However, the required time window lengths vary greatly and usually depend on many factors such as the type and quantity of goods. By imposing the same conditions on the loading time for each delivery, standardized booking easily leads to efficiency losses in loading and unloading.

Our solution

With myleo / slot you can easily make the calculation of the time slot length dependent on conditions you have created yourself. There are no limits to your creativity when defining rules for determining the appointment length! For example, you can specify that shipments for EU countries always take 30 minutes longer than domestic shipments. If a time slot is then booked by the forwarding agent for this type of shipment and the destination country is entered, the time slot is automatically extended by the set time. The information and fields displayed in the time slot booking display window can also be customized in this way. For example, you can have the system automatically display a warning for certain goods that draws the attention of the forwarding agent to dangerous goods when they are posted.

Use your practical knowledge of unrealistic time slot bookings of loading times and counteract them with self-determined rules. Increase the capacity utilisation with your configuration according to your needs with myleo / slot.

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