Empties ManagementSay Goodbye to Shrinkage! Smart Container Management for Empty and Returnable Goods

Empties ManagementManage Containers and Loading Equipment with the Help of a Central Booking Overview

Do you have an overview of your container inventories? Loading equipment is the central link of logistical functions and enables a seamless material flow between all players in the supply chain.

Easiest returnable container quantity management
Highest transparency about the whereabouts of trailers, pallets, box pallets and co.
Automatic container account reconciliation with partners
Minimize search efforts and save transport costs

myleo / dsc offers you the possibility to identify loading equipment in real time, to centrally monitor your daily entries and exits in the container cycle and to manage stocks.

  • Intuitive dashboard as central container management
  • Digital pallet slips
  • Data integration from other systems such as Oracle, SAP, etc.
  • Configurable container types
  • Mobile app for recording entries and exits
  • Map individual booking behavior e.g. by freight order type

Find out more about booking rules here.

Empties ManagementRecurring Challenges in the Field of Empty and Returnable Goods

Within your supply chain, you exchange load carriers with your partners. But the container balances often do not reflect the actual ownership.

  • Tracking and inventory cost a lot of time
  • Returnable containers are routinely misplaced
  • Damage/losses are not registered, no one is liable
  • Container shortage has a direct impact on the production process
  • Expensive safety stocks to compensate for missing containers
  • Potential for conflict due to different opinions on container debts

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Emtpies Management Seamless Tracking of Loading Equipment with ID Technologies Based on IoT

By using tracking technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a consistently automated flow of containers and synchronized delivery to production lines can take place.

Find out more about container tracking here.

Real-Time Tracking und Digitalization by our partners Quuppa and Kathrein Solutions

Automation of multi-site container cycles via RFID, Barcodes, WLAN, GPS

Fully automatic analysis of your container cycle

Registration in goods receipt or issue or visual inspections are no longer required

Reduction of costs and time expenditure

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FAQFrequently Asked Questions about Empty and Returnable Goods and Container Management

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