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Start-up myleo / dsc rethinks site and transport logistics processes

The supply chain includes many parties such as shippers, suppliers and recipients, but also many individual solutions such as dock & yard management, inbound control and transportation management. For the first time, myleo / dsc combines all operational site and transport logistics processes in a Process-as-a-Service platform: automated, with real-time collaboration, directly integrated with SAP and the like. The new myleo / dsc brand is being built and further developed by Ex-leogistics CEO André Käber.

Shippers, suppliers, logistics service providers and consignees have to work together quickly and transparently - and often monitor various isolated applications in the process. Here a new notification on the delivery platform, there a tracking in the real-time transportation visibility software or a new alert in the yard dashboard. The logistics start-up myleo / dsc combines the entire process of site and transport logistics in an easy-to-use cloud platform, making yard management the central control center. Thanks to hardware integration from a single source, much of the process can be automated if required, and predefined interfaces make it vendor-independent and closely networked with SAP or other ERP systems.

"Process-as-a-Service - that's our DNA," explains myleo / dsc founder André Käber. "We always think from the process. With real-time collaboration of all players in the supply chain - perfectly connected via a single user-centric solution. The core processes can be mapped in SAP & Co, the collaboration and all operational site and transport logistics processes run via our solution myleo / dsc. We see this platform approach as the future of supply chain management."

myleo / dsc Process Solutions
myleo / dsc Process Solutions

Spin-off as a start-up - with references in tow

The new brand myleo / dsc operates under the flag of leoquantum GmbH, which was newly formed on January 1, 2023. The software company is a spin-off of the Hamburg-based supply chain management expert leogistics GmbH, which has been established on the market since 2008. Founder André Käber said goodbye to the leogistics management at the end of 2022 and is opening a new chapter with myleo / dsc: "The potential of the myleo / dsc process-as-a-service platform developed by my team and me since 2018 is huge. With my 'home' leogistics in the rearview mirror, I am looking ahead to my new role as CEO of the spin-off leoquantum with around 100 employees and, above all, as a further developer of the independent myleo / dsc brand," Käber explains.

Previously, myleo / dsc was a separate business unit within leogistics GmbH and has already won well-known customers such as Villeroy & Boch, dm TECH and home24 with its product business and consulting services. "With myleo / dsc, we want to place the standard solution for plant and transport logistics on the market," Käber sums up.

Further information on the new Process-as-a-Service platform for operational plant and transport logistics processes is available at

About myleo / dsc

myleo / dsc is a unique platform for site and transport logistics. Using real-time data, the cloud software simplifies plant, supply and transport management in a single user-centric Process-as-a-Service solution. It connects producers, suppliers, warehouses, freight forwarders, and stores, creating a holistic supply chain network. myleo / dsc is a product of leoquantum GmbH. More information at


  • Dock & Yard Management
    Manage all yard processes in one solution
  • Supplier Management
    Inbound platform for digital notifications
  • Carrier Collaboration
    Cooperate with logistics service providers on one platform
  • Empties Management
    Transparent management of loading equipment
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility
    100% transparency for all transports
  • Features
    Innovations for your supply chain



Dock & Yard Management

Supplier Management

Carrier Collaboration

Real-Time Transportation Visibility