Energy Boost for Yard Logistics at CATL Thanks to myleo / dsc

Branche: Batteriehersteller, Automobilzulieferer

Mitarbeitende: 83.601 (2021)

Jahresumsatz: 48,08 Mrd. US-Dollar (2022)

Standorte: Europazentrale in Arnstadt, Erfurter Kreuz, Magdeburg; Hauptsitz in Ningde, China, 13 weltweite Produktionsstandorte

With the hardware and software solutions from myleo / dsc, CATL - manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries and the world’s largest manufacturer of batteries for electric cars - is optimizing its entire yard management at the Erfurt and Magdeburg sites. The result: shorter idle and waiting times for trucks, general streamlining of processes and safe transportation of goods.

About CATL

The battery manufacturer CATL is one of the most important players in the field of e-mobility and operates various international branches, including the distribution centers in Erfurt and Magdeburg.

Initial situation

At the logistics and distribution site in Erfurt and the warehouse in Magdeburg, CATL initially coordinated and mapped incoming and outgoing goods as well as dangerous goods declarations manually. In order to optimize site logistics and tie up less personnel capacity, CATL now relies on the hardware and software solutions by myleo / dsc.

Solution: Integrated Appointment Scheduling and Yard Management with Real-Time Data

All processes are mapped centrally in the digital logistics platform: The cloud-based software solution myleo / dsc provides an overview of all processes, resources and capacities on the factory premises based on real-time data and enables them to be organized easily. In combination with hardware solutions in the form of self-service terminals and intelligent access control, the efficiency of yard management is noticeably increased and further automated.

“myleo / dsc provides us with a high level of configurability and flexibility and always has our requirements and needs in mind.”
Marcel Hantke, Transport Specialist / Planning Materials Control (PMC) at CATL

On Top: Smart ADR Inspection Thanks to Individual Checklist

The subject of e-mobility is more topical than ever. Advanced energy storage systems are the most important part of this. As batteries and accumulators are classified as dangerous goods in transportation, they must be declared in accordance with the “Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route” (ADR) by default. The myleo / dsc system also offers a smart solution for this process: Individual checklists and photo documentation for ADR and load securing checks via mobile device, which can be adapted as guidelines change, increase flexibility and safety for goods and employees.


myleo / dsc impressed CATL with its cloud-based functionality and the integration of all parties on a central platform. The digital infrastructure not only streamlines the daily work of the local teams and logistics partners, it is also designed for an intuitive and smooth start - which is a decisive factor with high freight volumes and various service providers. From kick-off meetings and detailed concept discussions to individual workshops and training sessions, myleo / dsc and the users at CATL are in regular contact.

  • From manual list management to digital efficiency
  • Digital yard management update for e-mobility driver
  • Individual checklists and photo documentation for ADR and load securing checks
  • Perfect combination of software and hardware
  • Continuous optimization thanks to regular update meetings
  • Mapping of complex logics in slot management for efficient control of yard processes

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