The auction platform reinforces the resilience and elasticity of its logistics processes

(omnichannel auction platform)


Annual sales:
155 million euros (2020)
23% increase over the previous year

Two DHL logistics centers in Braunschweig. On average, 7 to 10 trucks deliver goods per day at the two logistics centers. is an interactive teleshopping channel that sells its items mostly by auction. Every year, items from six product ranges are auctioned off in over 65,000 auctions. Last year, placed more than 5,000 orders with national and international manufacturers and suppliers.

Initial situation

In the past, the suppliers of GmbH had to notify DHL directly by e-mail, telephone or fax in order to control the supply. A lot of manpower and time was invested in the notification process.

Appointments for all gates of the logistics centers were managed with simple digital calendars. This led to a great deal of error-prone planning. Unacceptable for the teleshopping retailer, as it must be ensured that the goods are already available in the warehouse before broadcasting on TV in order to guarantee a positive user experience.


The Microsoft Dynamics system used was expanded. Information from the system is now mirrored and processed in myleo / dsc. By using the two modules myleo / supply and myleo / slot, the suppliers notify (partial) orders independently. They also book the associated time slots on their own. For, all process steps are transparently traceable in real time.

The solution at a glance

  • Over 300 (international) suppliers book their time slots independently via myleo / slot
  • Uniform notification of delivery quantities/times on the myleo / supply delivery platform
  • Pro-active information flow with all process participants
  • Localization of deliveries at any time
  • Less effort for checking the goods


By using the two myleo / dsc modules, achieves a significant performance improvement in the goods receipt area.

For the retailer, it is important to know when the goods arrive, when they are booked and when they are available for sale.

  • The (partial) processes can be viewed by all parties involved in real time
  • More accurate delivery date prediction for end customers
  • Flexibility in the delivery of goods
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Implementation in just 3 months
With the myleo / dsc, we are sustainably strengthening the transparency, resilience and elasticity of our supply chain and thus our entire omnichannel business model

Jörg Simon, Managing Director of GmbH.

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