WhitepaperOnly 5 Steps to Smart Retail Logistics

Whether it's regular fast-moving items or promotional goods - the handling of goods between suppliers, central warehouse and store is at the heart of retail logistics. Optimized planning means less storage time and more turnover. But how do the required items get from the supplier to the central warehouse? And how do they get from there to the stores?

In the past, the focus in retail logistics was particularly on warehousing and transportation. Only in recent years has the yard gained the importance it deserves, as logistical processes in front of and at the depot have an enormous influence on the flow of goods. Our paper explains why it is worth taking a closer look at the topic and how to achieve intelligent yard control in five steps - so that the shelves never remain empty.

  • How does smart yard logistics work in retail?
  • How can you increase the level of automation in your factory logistics?
  • What potential do IoT and artificial intelligence offer?

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