into the Digital Future


Control via large display, web app or SMS

Loading and Unloading

Active loading point planning and resource management


Self check-in, registration and exit.

Cargo Securing

Document easily via smartphone


Simplifying Your Yard Processes through Digitization​

The loading and unloading of goods on your plant premises are core processes of your business. You need to manage them efficiently and always have an overview of all participants. With myleo / dsc you can digitalize your yard logistics and manage them in real time. Avoid waiting times in front of loading docks and create transparent and synchronized traffic and material flows.


Easiest check-in and check-out
Door and ramp control
Appointment scheduling
Digitalization of all process steps in the yard


Use real-time data to optimize logistical processes. Many of our customers have been able to reduce downtimes by up to 50%. This creates a high level of satisfaction for everyone involved.


Reduce your implementation and operating costs by 25% compared to the competition through standardized processes, simple and intuitive implementation tools and a transparent cost structure.

Loading Point Utilization

How long does loading and unloading really take? Learn from your data and increase the utilization of your loading points by up to 25%!

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Thorben Niermann, Customer Advisor

YARD MANAGEMENT Your Challenges in Yard Logistics

Don’t waste any time and find out how you can solve your challenges with myleo / dsc.

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  • Language barriers with truck drivers
  • Traffic jams in front of and in the yard
  • Peak times for the staff
  • Scheduling chaos regarding loading and unloading
  • No transparency and planning possible
  • Long waiting times at the loading points

Our Solution: Smart Yard Management with myleo / dsc

Get an overview of all processes, resources and capacities in your yard. Our platform supports you in simplifying and optimizing your logistics processes and in handling incoming and outgoing transports via self-check-in and check-out without contact.

  • Gate-in and gate-out
  • Configurable processes
  • Self check-in, registration and exit
  • Notifications of delays, etc.
  • Automatic loading point call-off
  • Integration with ERP and other source systems
  • Resource control (map/yard list)
  • Flexible integration of hardware


“Logistics processes have already become up to 15 percent more efficient.”

Jens Kraska
Strategic Technical Officer, home24

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WE REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN​Are you ready to turbocharge your digital logistics?​

Dock and Yard ManagementAll Yard Management Processes in One Solution

Control station with yard visualization

Real-time tracking and visualization allows the control station to detect deviations and take corrective action even from a distance.

Contactless check-in and check-out

Let truck drivers:in simply do the check-in themselves: easily in many languages at the terminal or even without hardware peripherals via smartphone or tablet. This saves a lot of stress at the gate.

Automatic loading point call-off

Automatically call waiting trucks to the loading point via SMS, app or large display.

Communication with truck drivers

Integrate truck drivers into your processes, e.g. via mobile web application in many languages. This increases satisfaction on all sides.

Appointment scheduling

Allocate slots dynamically to your carriers based on rules and expected arrival time. This enables precise planning of resources. In case of delays, you are automatically notified and can reschedule.

Door and ramp control

Increase your loading dock utilization by actively managing resources and automated vacancy and occupancy notifications.

Integration & interfaces

Increase your level of automation and improve process robustness through integration with warehouse, transportation, and production processes and systems.

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