Handmade, different, from Hamburg. A beer for you and for us. ​

Handmade, different, from Hamburg. A beer for you and for us. ​

Due to the special situation this year, it is no longer so easy for us to tell you personally about our ideas and further developments or to exchange anecdotes about the project business in a social gathering. Perhaps this is the most important reason why this idea, which has been close to our hearts for a long time, has suddenly taken on a lot of speed.​

We do many things differently than others, and we are proud of that. Our beer is leogistics thoroughly. From the very first minute, we have put our passion into the beer - just as we do with myleo / dsc. And you can taste that too.​

Why now?​

The continuous exchange among our colleagues, with our partners, especially with our customers is a central element of our work. With our myleo HOME BREW, we would like to try to re-establish some closeness. We would like to thank you for the many positive results, experiences and encounters of the past years. But above all for the confidence that we are doing the right thing at the right time!​

We are very pleased to have found a partner in ÜberQuell from St. Pauli who enables us to close this gap.​

Our myleo HOME BREW
When we started thinking more intensively about the idea of brewing our own beer, trend-setting decisions had to be made early on: What character should the beer have? What style of beer should it be? Which recipe should we choose?​

Our myleo HOME BREW closes gaps​
Our daily work is characterized by the analysis of processes and their mapping with the help of our software. In doing so, we always find white spots, i.e. gaps that cannot be covered by standard software. Often there is a lot of potential here to map and automate end-to-end processes.​

The Extra Pale Ale​
We have chosen a beer that also fills a gap between a fruity Pale Ale and a stronger IPA. We have used the best characteristics of both types of beer: Our Extra Pale Ale (XPA) has the hoppy character of an IPA, but has a lower alcohol content and is more gentle and balanced like a Pale Ale.​

Your all-rounder for logistics & supply chain management​

We have created an impressive product portfolio in recent years. This would not have been possible without you. Many thanks for your trust.

Your team behind myleo / dsc

The Story

Gründung leogistics


The foundation of leogistics in Hamburg​

Founding leogistics GmbH in Hamburg. From the very beginning, our goal was to identify and close process gaps in the field of logistics solutions.​

leogistics slot


Development of leogistics slot​

With leogistics Slot we are developing our first tool to optimize supply chain processes and increase the collaboration of process participants.​

Check-In und Check-Out Lösungen


Development of Check-In and Check-Out​ functionality​

For the first time in a customer project, we are going live with an application for handling inbound and outbound site logistics processes. In addition to gates, we also connect scales to our software.​

leogistics Yard Management


Kick-off of leogistics Yard Management​

leogistics Yard Management is launched as Version 1.0. The first implementations will take place in the areas of container, hinterland terminals and automotive.​

BMW Spartanburg


Supply Chain Control Tower for BMW Spartanburg​

We are developing a Supply Chain Control Tower for BMW in Spartanburg (US). We combine operative information on transports with traffic and weather data as well as IoT sensors of the trailers.​

Gründung leogistics d.s.c.


Start of the leogistics digital supply chain​

The result is a multimodal digital supply chain with templates for truck yards, factory railroads and port logistics.​



Development of cloud applications​

The first ever solution components of leogistics d.s.c. are now offered also in the cloud.​

myleo / slot und myleo / tnt


myleo / slot and myleo / tnt are published​

Our applications myleo / slot and myleo / tnt are used with great success by existing and new customers.

Entwicklung von myleo / yard


Extensions in the area of yard management​

myleo / dsc is enhanced with additional functions for collaborative process control and now supports holistic supply chain processes​


We will be happy to support you in your logistic and digitization projects.​