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Supplier Management

Appointment Scheduling Processes Implemented in Record Time

Robert Ibisch

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is an innovative and internationally leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and e-commerce. Globally renowned companies from a wide range of industries rely on the Bertelsmann subsidiary's comprehensive portfolio of solutions. Arvato Supply Chain Solutions offers fullfilment solutions and handles a wide range of logistics activities for its customers. We have been working successfully with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Harsewinkel for some time and have now successfully completed the first roll-out to another location.

Initial situation: Truck dispatch on the plant premises and the associated coordination of the individual incoming and outgoing goods did not run optimally, so that there were often long waiting times and traffic jams. In addition, language barriers in the increasingly international transport business made speedy processing difficult.

myleo / dsc streamlines truck dispatch processes

The optimized management of incoming and outgoing time slots for incoming and outgoing goods as well as capacities and resources with the help of myleo / dsc has increased the efficiency of the processes. In the first step, leogistics initially introduced the appointment scheduling system of the cloud platform at Arvato. As a rule, the introduction of a manageable range of myleo / dsc solutions can be mapped in less than two months. An exemplary project sequence includes the following steps within six weeks:

Week 1 - Kick-off: In a joint kick-off, the project team defines the schedule and the objectives. The project participants receive all necessary information. The central element of such an implementation is a questionnaire that serves as a guide for system configuration and change management. Due to the importance of this document, the first project week is dedicated to Q&A on the individual content blocks of the questionnaire.

Week 2 - Requirements collection via questionnaire: Our customer collects specific process-related requirements, master data and accompanying information in preparation for the parameterization phase.

Week 3-4 - Parameterization: The second project phase is characterized by the parameterization of myleo / dsc. This is already done together with key users of the customer. This phase includes the creation of all process-relevant master data as well as the configuration of individual rule sets. Depending on the complexity and the need for clarification, the configuration may take a second week.

Week 5 - User Training: In order to optimally prepare the end users for the upcoming change to a new process or a new system, training sessions are held at the end. We start with the users on the customer side. Here, the process is checked for susceptibility to errors and is usually accompanied by a change management process.

Week 6-7 - Service provider training: Finally, the customer trains external service providers with the support of the myleo / dsc team to ensure a smooth launch.

Implementation of myleo / dsc in just 13 days

In this case, however, everything turned out differently: When presenting the project plan, the project manager on the customer's side pointed out to us that there would not be six weeks of implementation time available for the project. In addition, the vacation season was approaching soon and great importance was attached to all managers and department heads from the logistics area attending the meetings. Accordingly, we adapted the project plan very agilely without further ado.

Therefore, the questionnaire was sent to the customer even before the usual kick-off. Then, only six days after the official project start, the parameterization of the myleo / dsc solution components used took place. Another seven days later, the training of the key users and the associated technical go-live took place. The entire project was thus completed in a period of only 13 days. Only the training of external users was still pending before the solution could be used productively.

Thanks in particular to experience from previous time slot management projects, we were able to shorten certain project steps and at the same time make them even easier for the customer to understand - with the result that after the go-live there was only one request from the customer. We will now carry out carrier training in parallel with live operation.

Together we have achieved a lot

We haven broken new ground with Arvato Supply Chain Solutions: In just 13 days, we implemented a comprehensive time slot booking process designed for collaboration with service providers using myleo / dsc. Thanks to our agile approach, we were able to consider customer-specific process steps during parameterization and provide sufficient capacity and time for knowledge transfer and user training. Many thanks to Arvato Supply Chain Solutions for the great cooperation!

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