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New Partnership with GateHouse Maritime for Ocean Visibility in myleo / dsc

Robert Ibisch

Through this new partnership we will be able to offer tracking & tracing of cargo ships and sea containers in myleo / dsc in just a few weeks. 

Within the scope of the new cooperation it is our common goal to integrate OceanIO from GateHouse Maritime, the industry's most comprehensive ocean database, via API into myleo / dsc within a few weeks already. This will allow you to access real-time data from more than 4,000 ports, 300,000 cargo vessels and over 5 million containers around the world and display it in easy-to-read dashboards. In times of congested ports around the world, you can thus ensure better planning of your ocean shipments.

Ocean Visibility with myleo / dsc and OceanIO from GateHouse Maritime

OceanIO provides the basis for forecasting services, such as the position and movements of containers and cargo, where they are in the customs clearance cycle and when they will arrive at a port. Your benefits with myleo / dsc:

  • Transparency and predictability regarding goods in transit by sea.
  • Container tracking
  • Real-time vessel tracking (AIS)
  • ETA prediction of sea freight shipments

As a myleo / dsc customer, you can use the data to simplify your inbound and outbound processes, automate complex yard and port processes, and improve communication with your supply chain partners regarding the status of containers in transit.

Of course, thanks to the partnership with GateHouse Maritime, it is also possible to link container numbers with business documents (e.g. SAP documents, bill of lading numbers), track multimodal transport legs incl. sea route, and retrieve up-to-date information on port congestion.

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