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Openness and trust create a win-win-win situation for partners, customers and myleo / dsc

In our interview, Patrick Hartmann, Business Development myleo / dsc, explains why this brings benefits for all parties involved.

Why is myleo / dsc going the "partner route"?

With myleo / dsc, we rely on a strong partner network, especially for projects in other European countries - we have high expectations of ourselves in terms of speed and quality of project implementation. With only our own resources, we do not want to and could not do justice to this. The fact that we have successfully implemented the first pilot customers and received positive feedback shows that we are on the right track: The myleo / dsc as a process-as-a-service platform is already so mature that other partners can also use and implement it after a short onboarding process.

What exactly does the onboarding process look like?

As a PaaS solution, myleo / dsc offers a great deal of preconfigured content in the standard processes. We follow the motto "configuration instead of development", our system is modular, like a very modern construction kit.

Nevertheless, the right onboarding is a fundamental prerequisite for scaling with partners. We take the "train-the-trainer" approach here: In several sessions, we offer knowledge transfer and hands-on experience, with our Expert:in presenting the solution and functionalities in detail. In addition, there is a whole range of information material and also sales support sessions. We hope to facilitate onboarding soon with our own eLearning offering (our myleo / dsc Academy). Here, there will be a dedicated area for partners where we share information and provide the best possible insight into the platform through web-based training. In addition, we are happy to assist our partners with on-the-job training - our partners (and their end customers) can count on the best possible support in implementation projects, wherever and whenever there is a need.

How would you describe your area of responsibility in the myleo / dsc team?

I mainly support the go-to-market of the product and the establishment of a worldwide partner model for myleo / dsc. My goals are to build successful, long-term partnerships for the platform, to highlight the added value of myleo / dsc for partners and customers, to increase market penetration and to position ourselves as one of the leading SCM solutions. Along the way, we want to gradually add more functions to myleo / dsc with the help of partner solutions. Behind this is our vision of developing the solution into an industry platform with a kind of "app store".

What is the unique selling point of myleo / dsc?

The myleo / dsc serves a very complex and broad requirement environment in the area of transport & logistics with dynamic business processes and integration options in a wide variety of system landscapes. Many customers have IT systems that are integrated into a network as stand-alone solutions. This is costly and maintenance-intensive and carries the risk of media disruptions or manual activities.

When we then come into play with myleo / dsc, customers have the advantage that they can "pick out" individual processes and close only these gaps with myleo / dsc. Due to our integration capability and the documented interfaces, a system connection and integration can be easily accomplished in many cases. Should the functional scope of myleo / dsc be expanded at a later date, this can be done without any problems in a very short time. In summary, we can say: We reduce the undoubted complexity to a possible minimum with our innovative PAAS platform.

Is it the same with the price models?

Definitely! We attach great importance to transparent and cause-based pricing. In concrete terms, this means that the more you use and the higher the number of documents processed, the higher the fee.

What does myleo / dsc offer in potential partnerships?

Our partners can determine which role we and which role the partner should take on in a project, depending on prior knowledge and preferences. In the future, we will offer the best possible knowledge transfer through the myleo / dsc Academy and support our partners and end customers in the sales process, implementation and downstream support. For us, partnerships are not one-way streets or one-day flies, but a give and take, at best long-term. We actively pass on leads to our partners and distribute requests in our network, offering project protection and complete transparency.

With myleo / dsc in their portfolio, our partners can present their customers with an innovative and competitive SCM cloud solution and tap upselling potential, both with existing and new customers. The risk for our partners of losing customers to potential competitors is thus minimized. In the end, it's a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Aren't many of our implementation partners potential competitors?

In the area of myleo / dsc, we see ourselves as a technology provider and not as a classic consulting firm, which is what sets us apart from the competition. There are certainly always overlaps with our partners' portfolios. But that is in the nature of things when we bring experienced partners on board. In this case, we benefit from the modularity of myleo / dsc: The partner can use the required functional scope of myleo / dsc and combine it with his own portfolio. Instead of competing with our partners for their existing customers or in new tenders, we prefer to enter the race as a team with our partner and, if necessary or desired, provide support in the background. We are aware that together with partners we can realize global projects faster and better. We also don't want to build up comprehensive know-how in every industry independently and trust our partners and their expertise at this point.

Are there any concrete plans for the coming months?

We at myleo / dsc are constantly developing ourselves and our product - we are far from being at the end! In the future, we want to further expand the functional scope of myleo / dsc in line with our ambitious roadmap, in order to enable our partners and end customers to achieve further time and cost savings through automation and transparency. Our main focus is on the further development of myleo / dsc as a technology provider (not in implementation projects).

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