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trans aktuell Symposium in Krautheim: Transparency along the Supply Chain with the Help of Dynamic Time Slots

At the event on the topic of "Efficiency in partial loads - how ETA can help", myleo / dsc was also present with a presentation: consultant Thorben Rasche explored the question of how real-time data can be used to remedy problems that arise along the supply chain.

At myleo / dsc, we deal with challenges and problems that can arise along the supply chain on a daily basis. One reason for many problems is often a lack of transparency. Innovative state-of-the-art technologies such as real-time data can remove stumbling blocks and streamline processes.

Host Roland Rüdinger from Spedition Rüdinger kicked off the event by raising the question of why slot management systems and real-time data have rarely been brought together to date - the perfect cue for our process-as-a-service platform myleo / dsc.

Process efficiency and optimization potential through the combination of time slot bookings and real-time data

Major challenges arise during loading, especially in the context of partial loads: If real-time data is not included in time slot management and slot bookings, routes are rigidly bound to the booked time slot and there is hardly any flexibility.

In addition, communication problems often occur between the shipper and the carrier, causing time slots to be booked incorrectly. Unfortunately, the booking of time slots is often not given the necessary importance in everyday work, but the process is rather perceived as an annoying side issue. Dynamic slot management systems can help here.

During the discussion, a participant from the Kaufland Group presented a good example of a time slot booking system that was not used optimally. Here it could be seen very well that the problems described above can easily arise if a time slot management system does not work dynamically.

Advantages of dynamic time slot systems

Variable slot lengths depending on the load, flexible capacity calculations and the integration of real-time data mean that a time slot is no longer just a "deadline blocker" in which the carrier has time to pick up his goods. Rather, the result is a tool that helps all supply chain participants track processes transparently and plan more plausibly.

By integrating real-time data, shippers have the chance to flexibly adjust their loads on the day of loading. For example, if one truck is stuck in a traffic jam and another arrives before its actual time slot, the loading can be spontaneously rescheduled. This leads to satisfaction on all sides, as downtimes can be reduced to a minimum. In this way, it can be ensured that a carrier is dispatched in the optimum time and can also reach the other stops on his partial load tour without delays.

By optimizing the entry screens, the forwarder can be helped to complete the registration of the time slot in the shortest possible time and to collect all information centrally in one place.

All these points can be implemented in particular if a collaborative process platform such as myleo / dsc is used. Both shippers and forwarders can then access the platform and transparently exchange information with each other.

In an open discussion, a representative of Zurich Airport presented how efficient slot management can be realized in live operations. Here, both forwarders and shippers were enthusiastic and convinced that such a system simplifies the drivers' daily work and also increases the forwarders' efficiency.

Best practices thanks to collaboration and networking based on IT tools

After a demonstration of the long truck by the host during the lunch break, the afternoon of the trans aktuell symposium was dedicated to "Best practice: more efficient thanks to collaboration and IT tools".

After a presentation of the technical feasibility of telematics systems by representatives of PTV Group and Couplink, the participants discussed how to cooperate to make the supply chain even more transparent. Here, it is particularly important that providers of appointment scheduling solutions and telematics providers work closely together.

The management of the ELVIS Group also provided practical insights into how system transports can be put into practice and what the great advantage is in the processing of partial loads and general cargo in such a network.

In summary, we can say: An all-around successful event in Krautheim certainly led to a rethinking, or a rethinking of the opinion on the relevance of digitization along the supply chain in some minds has taken place, or is beginning. There is still a lot to do, but through joint discussions of all participants, the transparency and efficiency along the supply chain can still be increased enormously - we are absolutely certain of this!

Thorben Rasche,

Associate Consultant myleo / dsc

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