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Carrier Collaboration

Reliable and transparent freight cost management with partners

Robert Ibisch

In addition to smooth delivery and complete control over delivery tracking, the main focus is on fast and reliable processing of freight costs, because ultimately, as everywhere else, it's all about money.

After successful delivery, complete transparency of the freight costs incurred is of great importance for all partners in the supply chain. It is not only crucial to have an overview of all pending and completed deliveries, but also to have a mutual understanding of the freight costs incurred.

Therefore, we have integrated a new area in myleo / dsc, which provides a full overview of all freight costs. Clear displays allow direct insight into pending, closed or "in clarification" freight costs. The connection to upstream systems (e.g. SAP) enables freight costs to be transmitted via EDI so that they can be displayed transparently and in their entirety.

Uncomplicated clarification thanks to transparent communication

If a delivery results in deviations from the agreed freight costs, you can use the freight cost management of myleo / dsc to identify and create a dispute case. Here you can establish a simple communication to your respective business partner by communicating directly on shipment level when discrepancies occur. Using the comment function, you can correct individual items of the freight cost settlement directly and substantiate them with photos or documents. Any changes made to the invoice are displayed in an unambiguous manner so that you can see at a glance the corrections that have been made.

Since your partner also has access to the platform, communication is bundled centrally in one place and all parties involved can access the same information at any time. This also gives your partner the opportunity to easily and centrally suggest adjustments, which you can confirm or reject.

Each individual shipment cost document gives you a detailed insight into the corrections made. If there is no dispute and the document is accepted by both parties, it is automatically marked as closed after seven days. This allows you to keep track of documents from past deliveries that still need to be checked.

All advantages of freight cost clarification in myleo / dsc at a glance

  • Simple communication
  • Collaboration between all supply chain participants made easy
  • Clear freight cost display
  • Attachments in the form of photos or proof of defective delivery
  • High transparency which participant has corrected positions
  • Color highlighting of changes in freight cost overview

Were we able to spark your interest? Please contact us for further information and ensure more transparency within your supply chain - because transparency creates trust.

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