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Contactless Yard Management - Site Logistics à la Drive-In

myleo / dsc offers great potential for efficiency gains in the yard thanks to smart hardware integration in the company's own yard logistics software. Truck drivers are thus able to carry out the entire yard process - check-in, loading, call-off and departure - independently, without getting out of the truck and without contact.

With the smart connection of logistics hardware to the in-house site logistics software, myleo / dsc enables a contactless and digital yard process. Terminals and OCR cameras in particular, but also integrable barriers and scales, organize incoming and outgoing vehicles. From license plate recognition to automatic barrier opening, the combination of digital logistics platform and integrated hardware peripherals provided by myleo / dsc offers a wide range of functions that support the process participants in the yard. "The fact that hardware and software come from a single source and are directly connected to each other has never been seen before. This means that truck drivers can carry out the entire loading and unloading process on the premises both contactlessly and independently as well as digitally. The digitization and precise planning of the processes reduces the error rate, minimizes truck idle times and increases efficiency," summarizes myleo / dsc founder André Käber.

myleo / dsc primarily manages the following modules on the site

-          Notification and appointment scheduling
-          Check-in
-          Various checks (safety check, load securing check, etc.)
-          Loading point call-off
-          Loading or unloading
-          Check-out

in the loading and unloading workflow in a contactless and smart way. Corresponding hardware supports the process at individual stations. For example, the cameras for license plate recognition, the terminals at truck operating height that print out the yard receipt after successful registration/deregistration, or LED display panels that show call-off information. Existing hardware, such as barriers or truck scales, can be quickly and easily connected to myleo / dsc.

When truck drivers can stay seated

Personal registration at the gate is no longer necessary in most cases due to the level of automation, making the process contactless. A big plus in times of infectious diseases and shortage of skilled workers. In addition, there are fewer pedestrians on the premises. An equally safety-relevant advantage. The process described works alternatively without the integration of hardware by using a Progressive Web App (PWA). The web apps can be accessed on mobile devices in the browser without prior download. If the drivers do not have Internet-enabled devices, the software communicates with the users' cell phones via SMS.


  • Dock & Yard Management
    Manage all yard processes in one solution
  • Supplier Management
    Inbound platform for digital notifications
  • Carrier Collaboration
    Cooperate with logistics service providers on one platform
  • Empties Management
    Transparent management of loading equipment
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility
    100% transparency for all transports
  • Features
    Innovations for your supply chain



Dock & Yard Management

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Carrier Collaboration

Real-Time Transportation Visibility