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Supply Chain Management: myleo / dsc Establishes Partnership with Oracle

Hamburg-based SCM start-up myleo / dsc pushes its technology-open strategy and announces an integration partnership with Oracle. This results in a holistic end-2-end logistics solution portfolio: myleo / dsc complements the cloud-based Oracle SCM Suite with the components Dock & Yard Management, Supplier Management and Carrier Collaboration; Oracle connects the myleo / dsc with new transport planning features.

Since January 1, 2023, myleo / dsc has been standing on its own two feet as a leogistics spin-off. With the US big player Oracle, the young Hamburg SCM specialist has now gained a renowned partner. The cooperation relates to Oracle's SCM Suite, a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution that includes, among other things, its own warehouse management system (WMS) and a transport management system (TMS). The myleo / dsc complements the Oracle Suite with the components Supplier Management for the cooperation with suppliers, Dock & Yard Management as well as Carrier Collaboration for the cooperation with logistics service providers. In return, the Oracle features enable myleo / dsc to also cover transport planning. Thus, a holistic system network for logistic end-2-end processes is created.

"With our myleo / dsc Yard Management partner solution, processes are designed transparently and managed in detail via hardware and software solutions in the yard - an ideal link between the Oracle TMS and the Oracle WMS. We are looking forward to the cooperation in Germany", says Michael Rölli, Head of Customer Advisory myleo / dsc.

L.t.r.: Christian Piehler, CSO myleo / dsc, Jürgen Hindler, Senior Manager Sales Development & Strategy Oracle Deutschland, Fabian Müller, Specialist SCM Executive Oracle Deutschland, Michael Rölli, Head of Customer Advisory myleo / dsc.

Perfect Match: Maximum Transparency Along the Supply Chain 

Through the merger, Dock & Yard Management from myleo / dsc can be flexibly integrated into Oracle WMS and TMS solutions in combination with various hardware components (e.g. check-in/check-out terminals) and forms the bridge between warehouse and transport processes. The Oracle systems offer an algorithm-based framework in which companies can handle the entire logistics process. Individual content in the area of Track & Trace is imported and processed by end users via interfaces. The maintenance of interfaces to service providers is handled by the Process-as-a-Service technology of myleo / dsc thanks to predefined APIs. At the same time, the Hamburgers take care of the consolidated integration of the interfaces into Oracle's TMS. This creates the basis for Real-Time Transportation Visibility (RTTV). End users thus no longer have to worry about interfaces and see their end-2-end business processes in only one application. This streamlines the daily coordination in logistics enormously and supports a holistic supply chain network between manufacturers, suppliers, warehouses, service providers as well as retail outlets.

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  • Dock & Yard Management
    Manage all yard processes in one solution
  • Supplier Management
    Inbound platform for digital notifications
  • Carrier Collaboration
    Cooperate with logistics service providers on one platform
  • Empties Management
    Transparent management of loading equipment
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility
    100% transparency for all transports
  • Features
    Innovations for your supply chain



Dock & Yard Management

Supplier Management

Carrier Collaboration

Real-Time Transportation Visibility