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Full Transparency Ahead with Ocean Visibility Powered by myleo / dsc

With its new Ocean Visibility solution, myleo / dsc brings transparency to the early stages of the global supply chain. The software is characterized by low entry requirements for users - all they need is a booking number and information about the associated shipping company before they can get started. The platform for yard and transport logistics integrates the world's 15 largest shipping companies and 45 other carriers into the application. myleo / dsc will be presenting the new solution at LogiMAT 2024 (hall 8, booth 8G05). 

90 percent of all goods worldwide are transported by sea freight. Container transportation by sea is cost-effective compared to other modes of transport, but often means uncertainty for subsequent processes. Both the general susceptibility to delays due to the length of the sea route and the increasing number of disruptions to global supply chains pose enormous challenges for business cargo owners and freight forwarders. There is a lack of planning reliability and transparency. myleo / dsc is therefore expanding its Real-Time Transportation Visibility portfolio to include a further component and now also offers customers its own Ocean Visibility solution. This enables users to track sea freight containers in real time. Another step by the logistics expert towards tracking all modes of transport and multimodal transport chains and making their status visible to customers.

Ocean Visibility by myleo / dsc

Precise Positioning and ETA Predictions throughout the Ocean Route 

The Ocean Visibility solution by myleo / dsc has minimal input requirements compared to other services. "Our customers simply provide us with the bill of lading number and the associated shipping company. On this basis, we provide full transparency of all sea freight transports in the shortest possible time and highlight critical containers for our customers," says Katrin Marquardt, Senior Product Manager Ocean Visibility at myleo / dsc, explaining the benefits. myleo / dsc uses ship and shipping company data to provide precise position and arrival predictions for the entire sea route and sometimes beyond. The platform is connected to the world's 15 largest shipping companies and 45 other carriers, so that around 90 percent of all shipments can be covered. Comprehensive status, arrival and departure data supplemented with AI-calculated forecasts bring transparency to the process. All in all, the fees for the use of container equipment inside and outside a port terminal, demurrage and detention costs, can also be kept under control. Users of the platform can also use a search and filter function to search for and find containers that are relevant to them across all shipping companies. 

Ocean Visibility by myleo / dsc

At LogiMAT 2024, myleo / dsc will present its entire portfolio of solutions in the field of real-time transportation visibility. Visitors will find the team in hall 8 at booth 8G05. Further information about the platform can be found here


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