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Communicate With Your Suppliers And Carriers In Your Corporate Design

Robert Ibisch

You would like to inform your supplier by e-mail that his time slot has been successfully booked? And preferably in your own corporate design, so that your partner recognizes at first glance with whom he has booked the time slot? With the new myleo / dsc Mail Service this is no problem!

In the myleo / dsc Mail Service you can manage the automatic e-mail dispatch from the logistics platform and customize it according to your wishes. For example, you can individualize the subject, the logo and complete text modules of the e-mails that are sent to your business partners. So if a time slot is booked, rebooked or deleted, the business partner will immediately see that this has happened at one of your warehouses.

Benefits of individualizing your myleo / dsc e-mails
  • Recipients can identify the e-mails more quickly, which prevents them from being filed in the trash or spam folder.
  • Your corporate identity is preserved and you communicate with your business partner in a uniform design.
  • The e-mails can be enriched with all necessary information, such as the delivery address.
  • You can define individual text modules completely freely and thus already provide information in your e-mails, for example, about the entrance to your factory premises.

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