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Flexible configuration of checklists and much more with myleo / dsc

Robert Ibisch

Manual routine processes such as checking off checklists are very time-consuming and often paper-heavy. By digitalizing these processes, you create more transparency and flexibility in your logistics processes. Configure Micro Apps tailored to your requirements and take the next step towards paperless logistics!

" Digitalizing logistics processes" is now an unavoidable term and an integral part of the portfolio of logistics service providers - be it the digitalization of holistic end-to-end logistics processes such as yard management or a time slot management solution. Increasingly, however, the desire for smaller, quick-to-implement digitalization projects to increase efficiency and minimize manual process efforts is also emerging in connection with comprehensive solutions.

By means of so-called micro apps, many manual logistics processes such as terminal check-ins or check lists can be flexibly configured, digitalized and easily integrated into existing system applications. In myleo / dsc, this is now easily possible with a no code or low code app editor. No or low code refers to a technology that allows you to create your own software applications with practically no programming knowledge. This allows us - or you yourself - to map any requirements within a very short time and integrate them into our cloud solutions.

Use Cases

Yard management in particular offers a wide range of potential for digitalizing manual process steps such as checking incoming trucks in the check-in process. A customized micro app makes it possible to flexibly and completely adapt the entire check-in process at a terminal to your needs. Process steps and information such as equipment checks, plant protection and dangerous goods checks can thus be easily integrated into the terminal application. In addition, checklists for the loading process with subsequent load securing checks can be configured and used via an app for the terminal or as a mobile tablet application. Another application example is the quick and easy reporting of defects in incoming goods via app.

How the App Editor of myleo / dsc works
  1. Add individual number of required screens to your app.
  2. Define information that will be displayed in the header of the micro app in each step.
  3. Add input fields and text to a screen by drag & drop
  4. Selection from various input fields including validation (phone numbers, numbers, free text, checkboxes, dropdown, scan function, etc.)
  5. Creation of switches or conditions for a screen (a screen is only displayed if a certain value is selected in the input field)
  6. Configure closing screen with own content (e.g. driving instructions)
  7. Check in the app preview incl. device selection (e.g. smartphone/tablet) and screen orientation (portrait or landscape) if everything works properly
  8. The created apps can be translated into numerous languages
Micro Apps provide numerous benefits
  • Digitalization of many processes saves time and thus increases efficiency, for example at the check-in on the factory premises
  • Digitalization increases transparency of a lot of relevant information - this often increases process reliability
  • Customized applications possible - simply adapt your apps to your requirements
  • Flexible use on mobile devices or terminals
  • No- or low-code technology - (almost) no programming knowledge required
  • Fast implementation possible: micro apps can be created in just a few minutes and with a few mouse clicks
  • Low costs, as no programming is necessary

Have we sparked your interest? Contact us for more information and digitize your logistics processes now! 

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