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Carrier Collaboration

"Communication 2.0": The Ticketing Function in myleo / dsc

In transport logistics today, information such as change requests is still often exchanged by e-mail or telephone. In practice, this often means that the transport department has a collective e-mail inbox with various folders in which requests are processed. As a result, there is often no overview of whether someone is working on a task. In the face of ever-changing supply chain challenges, this is not a sustainable way to communicate with business partners, transportation service providers and goods recipients. The myleo / dsc shows how things can be done differently with its ticketing function.

A common problem in the planning of transports: There is no holistic overview of the current processing status of orders and deliveries, because often the information about them is distributed among different sources.

In transport processes based on division of labor, information is often intransparent

In order to be able to react to (new) requests, parties involved often have to manually take the respective information on transports and planned times etc. from various sources such as the transport management system (TMS), various lists and tables or other documents. Especially when several parties such as the forwarder, shipper or consignee are involved, it becomes even more confusing.

It gets really complicated if there are later queries about a process. Because then, with a large number of orders, one's memory is sometimes no help and someone has to gather the information from the various e-mail histories and perhaps even various e-mail inboxes from a few days or weeks ago. And what if someone is on vacation? In short: there is little or even no transparency about the current state of affairs.

Ticketing with myleo / dsc

Communicate more clearly with myleo / dsc

A more elegant way to communicate with business partners, contractors and transport service providers is offered by myleo / dsc. The logistics platform offers users the following advantages:

  • Solutions such as Supplier Management for supply logistics and Carrier Collaboration for cooperation with transport service providers enable a clear presentation of planning data by integrating freight orders or deliveries from upstream systems.
  • Stakeholders such as shippers, forwarders, and consignees have access at all times to the documents (deliveries, freight orders) that are relevant to them.
  • All process participants can open a ticket directly for the document and communicate inquiries or problems.
  • As a client, you can configure permissible ticket types and mandatory fields quickly and easily yourself, so that all required data can be provided as mandatory information and relevant information about the case can always be acquired quickly.

Use Case: How tickets in myleo / dsc make information transparent

In our use case, a freight forwarder requests a transport split or a change in the delivery time for a freight order due to low truck capacity.

  • To do this, the forwarder can search for the corresponding freight order in myleo / dsc and directly enter a ticket of the type “transport split” or “delivery time change”. When selecting the type, the relevant fields that must be filled for this request appear.
  • The transport department is automatically notified about the ticket, can assign this to a team as well as to a responsible person and set the status of the ticket to “In process”.
  • In case of queries, the responsible person can write comments directly on the ticket and reassign the ticket to the forwarder.
  • The ticket, including the chat history, is saved on the document and can be viewed by all parties involved throughout the entire process.
  • After the parties have reached an agreement, the transport is carried out as requested as a transport split or with a modified delivery time.
  • Real-Time Transportation Visibility provides insight into the current status of the ongoing transport and transparent answers in case of queries, when the delivery was made, etc.
  • If there is a dispute after the transport, it can be seen in the Dispute Management of myleo / dsc at the freight order whether there was already a ticket with important information.
  • Communication that is completely transparent in this way ultimately enables more efficient

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