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Empties Management

NEW: Track your containers in the supply chain with myleo / empties!

Robert Ibisch

myleo / empties offers you the possibility to identify containers in real time, to centrally monitor your daily entries and exits in the container cycle and to control stocks. In this way, the solution minimizes search efforts and provides maximum transparency about the whereabouts of trailers, pallets, big bags, etc. In the long run, this not only saves time and the costs of unnecessary transports, but also you nerves.

The loading equipment management via myleo / empties allows you to monitor and reconcile the daily entries and exits of containers (small and large load carriers, as well as self-configured containers or loaned goods) and to control the stocks in real time.

Your partners have the possibility to access the myleo / dsc cloud solution via user accounts and to jointly ensure an optimized utilization and distribution of the load carriers as well as to detect and optimize discrepancies in the process.

You can easily record entries and exits or even damages and other discrepancies with the myleo / dsc mobile app. To validate the container accounts, you can simply send balances to the partners in the container circuit at regular intervals or - even easier - invite your partners directly to myleo / dsc.

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The booking overview is the central user interface in myleo / empties. All current container bookings as well as all histories can be viewed here. This allows you to track container flows retrospectively in case of shrinkage or liability issues.

myleo / empties: Complete overview of container cycles with all supply chain partners

  • Centralized management of containers in one place
  • Real-time tracking of a wide range of container types
  • User-friendly UI - time saving and efficiency for employees
  • Highest transparency of container inventory and movements, as well as history data - reduction of container shrinkage
  • Unique identification - ID-based inventory management possible
  • Common communication platform with partners
  • "Paperless Office" - digital pallet slips
  • Easy identification of overstocks
  • Integration of data from SAP S/4HANA, SAP TM and other transport management systems via API
  • Location-based container groups - early detection of incorrect deliveries at the loading dock
  • Configurability of container types
  • Simple export of Excel overviews

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