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Dock & Yard Management

The Yard Cockpit - visualize your site logistics!

Robert Ibisch

The Yard Cockpit of the myleo / dsc provides you with a visual overview of your site and displays the current operating situation in the form of an overview map. This allows you to see at a glance how many resources are currently in the yard and which locations are currently free. By clicking on individual resources, you can display detailed information such as license plate number, yard document or process status. In addition to the visual display, it is also possible to make certain bookings of yard documents straight from the cockpit.

And this is how it works

To draw your premises on the map, you can easily specify geographic coordinates or schematic proportions. Locations such as loading gates, warehouses, parking lots, office buildings, gatekeepers can be defined using rectangles or polygons within the map. Due to the zoom level of the map view, this can be done in great detail.

In the center of the screen you can see the current map section with "pinheads" for the individual resources (schematic or satellite view). Here you can zoom in or out as you like.

The left side of the screen shows the "Location" area. There, your yard and all associated locations are listed in a tree structure. In addition, you can read off the capacity and current utilization of each location in intuitive traffic light colors. So you can see at any time which locations are currently free.

On the right side of the screen you can see all resources (trucks, etc.) that are located at the location. Each resource is enriched with information such as license plate number, yard receipt (incl. link), current process status (e.g. "checked in"), current location (e.g. "parking lot"), next planned location (e.g. "gate 3"), slot (time slot with date and time) and destination location (planned location for unloading/loading).

Tight integration with the yard receipt for more convenience

Basically, the Yard Cockpit is used to keep track of the daily operations on the site. For a better workflow, however, you can also make yard bookings here. You can jump to the yard document or book the next activity simply by clicking on a resource and booking the next yard activity to be completed.

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