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Dock & Yard Management

State-of-the-Art Yard Management with myleo / dsc

Site logistics are our specialty. We come into play when transport, goods and information flows need to be combined to optimize logistics processes. The challenges of shipping companies are similar across all industries: waiting times, fluctuations in capacity utilization or a low delivery performance lead to enormous costs on all sides. We've made it our mission to eliminate these inefficiencies by increasing visibility and strengthening collaboration with supply chain partners, all with a solution that's quick to implement and easy to use.

Process-as-a-Service for maximum flexibility

We have succeeded in fully mapping all standard site logistics functions and lifting them into the cloud. Our solution covers the handling of all modes of transport, inbound and outbound goods incl. dock/door appointment scheduling and the mapping of all operational steps on the site. In this way, we open up the black box of the yard and enable planning, management, measurability and optimization of logistical processes on the factory premises - and, last but not least, uncover enormous cost-saving potential.

Breaking new ground functionally

In addition to the changed technological basis that a cloud architecture brings with it, we were able to expand our yard solution with a variety of innovative functions. Real-time information is now available in all relevant areas of site logistics. This adds a confirmatory component to the planning of inbound and outbound shipments, as deviations from the target are now detected at an early stage and can be taken into account in day-to-day business by rescheduling of time slots.

External hardware (such as barriers or scales) and IoT devices (such as sensors) can be seamlessly integrated into myleo / dsc and form the basis for process automation and stability. Self-service terminals in many cases constitute the backbone of a largely contactless and fast handling of registration processes.

Linking the yard processing of means of transport with pre-system documents allows a continuous flow of documents and information. In addition, extensive digitization in the cooperation with partners through the use of electronic documents, collaborative dock/door appointment scheduling as well as a central ticketing system for communication between process participants are integral components of the innovative dock & yard management solution in myleo / dsc.

Innovative technology for your site

The availability of information about the logistic processes on, but also outside the own premises increases immensely by using a comprehensive yard management solution. This information can be used to make retrospective statements about the performance of the resources used. In addition to this reporting, it can also be used for forecasting. How long does a loading usually take? How many vehicles are expected at a certain time? When do I need to keep which resources on hand to guarantee a smooth operation? Predictability and decision support will play an even greater role in the future. For this reason, we are already relying on artificial intelligence in many areas of site logistics.

Simplicity is the key

In the end, however, the many features and functions will only meet the goals of cost reduction and performance optimization if the users play along. For this reason, the human factor plays a major role for us. The success or failure of a technological and process-related change is decided by those who operate the software. That is why we focus on the users already during the requirements analysis and target design (keyword "user centricity"). We avoid complex user interfaces and guarantee a low training effort. Especially when external users play an important role in the process, this is often the key to the success of a new solution.

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