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Carrier Collaboration

Transport tendering in the cloud - save time and costs thanks to tendering in myleo / dsc

Robert Ibisch

Our tendering option in myleo / dsc allows you to assign freight orders directly to a selected carrier or to conduct a tendering process to save time and freight costs. Freight forwarders can easily be invited to our platform and access the transport assignment tool with their own user account. The myleo / dsc has the significant advantage that the commissioned freight orders can be displayed in a worklist dedicated to the carrier and managed there. Communication with all parties involved is thus bundled and centralized via our platform.

Many paths lead through myleo / dsc

Tendering in myleo / dsc offers different ways to order your transport needs:

  • In a direct tendering process, a freight order can be directly assigned to one or more carriers. These can accept or reject the order or even submit a price bid. In addition, a comment function can be used to communicate directly in myleo / dsc with the parties involved during the decision-making process. In turn, you have the option of viewing all commissioned freight orders in a dedicated view, comparing bids and awarding the corresponding contract of your choice.
  • In addition, you can apply the tender function "Automatic acceptance/rejection". According to the principle "first come, first served", the tender participant receives the direct contract award if the freight order is accepted. Our clearly arranged user interface allows all participants to configure the respective view according to their own requirements in a flexible and uncomplicated way.

No matter which option you choose, you can freely define the framework conditions of a tender and also request documents and evidence from your carriers directly in the process. Tendering also offers various reporting features to evaluate the performance of each participant.

If you wish to communicate directly with your partner forwarders, we can also connect them directly to myleo / dsc via EDI in the future. Ordering, bids or commitments / rejections can thus be made directly from the system of your forwarder and are centralized and clearly integrated into the tendering process in myleo / dsc.

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