Corporate Social Responsibility bei myleo / dsc We Are Building the Most Sustainable SCM Platform for All Industries and Modes of Transport for You

Corporate Social Responsibility at myleo / dsc Making Logistics Processes More Efficient and Saving Resources

With the myleo / dsc logistics platform, we support companies in making their delivery, site and transport logistics processes more efficient. As a rule, this not only leads to enormous time and cost savings, but also reduces resource consumption. In addition, our focus is on making the system as easy to use as possible for users in order to reduce the workload.

No more stop-and-go in front of and on the plant premises

Fewer empty runs

Saved trips to the depot

Thus less fuel and energy consumption

Reduce stress and mental load of employees

Of course, we can do much more! For example, we are already planning to pursue even stronger sustainability goals with myleo / dsc. Our approaches range from environmental donations per appointment booked on the platform to CO2-neutral transport allocation. Until that happens, we are trying to meet our social responsibility in other ways. We will keep you up to date!

Corporate Social Responsibility at myleo / dsc EcoVadis Rating: myleo / dsc Holds Bronze Medal

myleo / dsc is EcoVadis certified. EcoVadis has grown since its founding in 2007 to become one of the world’s leading and most trusted providers of corporate sustainability assessments, with an international network of more than 100,000 assessed companies.

EcoVadis’ methodology is based on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO 26000, and takes into account more than 200 purchasing categories and more than 175 countries. The sustainability scorecard evaluates a company’s performance across 21 indicators and four main themes:

  • Environment
  • Labor and human rights
  • Ethics
  • Sustainable procurement

The entire Materna group of companies - and therefore us - has been awarded a bronze medal by EvoVadis. Naturally, we are continuously committed to improvements in order to support our customers in the best possible way in complying with the Supply Chain Act.

Corporate Social Responsibility at myleo / dsc myleo / dsc to Become a CO2-neutral Organization by 2025

We are pursuing the goal of being a climate-neutral company and thus also an employer by 2025. We will achieve this by gradually reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, which are caused, for example, by the electricity consumption of our offices in Hamburg and Rostock or travel activities for our clients.

Unfortunately, there are also emissions that can hardly be reduced. In this case, we work with our partner DEUTIM to build up CO2 storage in the form of trees in German mixed forests.

  • Regional forests
  • Global climate protection
  • Certified reforestation
  • Climate stable mixed forests

Corporate Social Responsibility at myleo / dsc myleo / dsc Supports School Children in South Africa as a Star for Life Partner

As a company, we support the Thabaneng Primary School in Johannesburg, South Africa, as a partner of the NGO Star for Life. 780 students, supervised by 26 teachers, attend the school in Soweto.

We want to enable the children to learn better and to become self-confident and self-efficient people. We want them to become aware of their unique personalities and potential and to become young people who actively want to shape their own future and achieve sustainable change, regardless of their background or gender.

  • Out of poverty, into school
  • Promote social and emotional learning
  • Build knowledge, skills and self-confidence
  • Making the dream of a better life possible

In October 2021, the non-profit foundation Star for Life Germany was launched with the aim of supporting students in disadvantaged regions in southern Africa through targeted coaching. The program is based on the assumption that through our support young people can develop a healthy self-esteem and confidence in their future. This encourages them to make good choices in various areas of their lives.

Got questions about our projects? Get in touch!

Do you have questions about sustainability and social responsibility at myleo / dsc? Or would you like to work with us and support our projects? I am happy to hear from you!

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