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A brand-new myleo / dsc functionality at Innovation Pitch

Robert Ibisch

Michael Rölli will present our brand new no-code editor for logistics apps in a short slot alongside two other software providers.

With the construction kit, myleo / dsc customers can create simple apps by themselves or have them created by our consultants with just a few mouse clicks and no programming knowledge.

The configured apps can be used directly in the system and are immediately integrated into the processes. Tedious programming of user dialogues is a thing of the past. Our innovative no-code apps are not dreams of the future, but are already available today!

Use cases: myleo / dsc customers can create applications for truck drivers, check-in at the factory gate, loading or goods issue with just a few mouse clicks and without programming knowledge. This is particularly interesting in the context of digitalization projects, because neither paper nor scanning processes are necessary and there is only one "single source of truth".

Why you should not miss the Innovation Pitch:
  • Micro apps enable companies to achieve more transparency about relevant information, noticeably increase their process reliability as well as their performance and thus reduce costs.
  • The process information generated by the apps, such as images, signatures, etc., ends up directly in the system and is stored and available directly in the document as part of the platform.
  • With the no-code editor, myleo / dsc takes another big leap towards the simplest digitalisation of logistics processes.


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