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Better Together: myleo / dsc and HERE Cover Transport Processes from Start to Finish

myleo / dsc relies on map data from the navigation experts at HERE. Companies that use the platform can handle many of their logistics business processes in the area of logistics much more precisely with the help of HERE Location Services. The advantages of using myleo / dsc with services from HERE: automation of site logistics processes, optimized planning options, higher address quality, more efficient transports thanks to better route calculation and much more.

In the handling of yard and transport logistics processes, good planning is essential. But in order to coordinate the processes on the yard, resources and arriving and departing trucks, reliable mapping  and location services are needed in the software solutions used. Because only when the physics of the plant site, the real traffic situation during transportation and their digital mapping are in harmony (in terms of planning and operations), it is possible to increase operational efficiency, improve the punctuality of loading and unloading processes and ultimately reduce costs. To enable our customers to do this, myleo / dsc works closely with HERE Location Services. 

The following features are available to myleo / dsc customers in cooperation with HERE 

Display of maps 

Maps are used in myleo / dsc in a variety of apps to support planning or to display the current operational situation. This allows users to maintain an overview of transport resources at all times, whether on or off site. In the supply control, for example, trucks can be displayed with their own location as the destination.  


We add geo-coordinates to the locations and other relevant addresses of our customers. When transmitting loading or unloading locations, our customers are often faced with the challenge that these differ from the actual address data. We use geo-coordinates from HERE to harmonize the location information. Status messages about the progress of a delivery, such as "Loaded" or "Delivered", can thus be enriched with even more precise information. Geocoordinates also play a role in the active tracking of transport resources (position data and route calculation).  


Isolines describe certain areas around a location and are created as master data when implementing myleo / dsc at a location. If, for example, a truck drives through an isoline in the inflow, a status message can be triggered: "Truck will be there in approx. 30 minutes." A location can have several isolines at different distances.

Route calculation

If a freight forwarder reports the position of a truck, myleo / dsc performs a route calculation at regular intervals (active tracking). This makes it possible to estimate the arrival time of a truck in advance and to schedule follow-up actions such as loading. 

Better information also for truck drivers

It's not just shippers who benefit from HERE's map data, but also trucking companies and their drivers: For example, the latter can rely on turn-by-turn navigation for a safe and targeted journey from the beginning to the end of their tour. Freight forwarders can plan the routes of their transports precisely and easily communicate changes to the drivers during the journey. 

Benefits of the partnership between myleo / dsc and HERE 

  • High address quality for improved pickups/deliveries: Companies can add their own data to the map or make adjustments, e.g., add “points of interest” such as a back entrance as a delivery point 
  • Increase transport efficiency through dynamic route calculation and optimized route planning 
  • Track shipments in real time or using status messages and proactively respond to delays and changes 
  • Accurate and contextual ETA/ETD/ATA information through machine learning algorithms supporting on time arrivals and reduction of manual interventions 

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