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Supplier Management

Flexible management of framework contracts in myleo / dsc

Robert Ibisch

In various industries, it is common for manufacturing companies to conclude framework contracts with their suppliers for a defined period of time. When concluding such contracts, the two parties agree on a total quantity to be delivered step by step over this period. This results in a number of advantages: for example, it is not necessary to request each partial quantity anew and the manufacturing company can thus conveniently control the utilization of its production.

In myleo / dsc, there are various options for handling such framework agreements: First, you can use an interface (API) to create the contracts, so that the contracts are transferred from your upstream system to myleo / dsc. At the same time, you can also create your contracts manually, so that no upstream system is required for their creation. With both variants, your supplier, who is given individual access to myleo / dsc, is informed about the creation of the contract and can view the details such as quantity to be delivered, time period, etc.

After you have set up the contracts for a defined period (let's say one year), you can also create subcontracts for each, for example monthly subcontracts to a parent contract - just as you would like to agree with your supplier.

Based on both subcontracts and main contracts, you can instruct your suppliers to deliver partial quantities. This can be done on the basis of the quantity from a (monthly) contract ("deliver to me in May 400 tons") or more finely granular in weekly planning ("deliver to me in week 22 100 tons").

Managing contracts easily within the framework of notifications

In myleo / dsc, the handling of contracts is embedded in the notification process. This means that if you order a quantity to your supplier, he can notify a partial quantity in myleo / dsc. In addition, the supplier can make a time slot booking at your unloading point for the predefined period directly from the notification. In this way, you and your supplier always have an overview of which quantity is unordered, ordered, notified and delivered for the individual contracts.

Another feature of myleo / dsc is that your suppliers (if desired by you) can subcontract quantities to sub-suppliers. This means that sub-suppliers can also make notifications and time slot bookings directly in myleo / dsc.

With the help of the contracting function of myleo / dsc you achieve a higher degree of transparency about the contracts with your suppliers. This saves you and also your partners cumbersome communication by phone or e-mail about details such as partial quantities or deliveries.

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